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For the record, I am a human, and not a bot.

So if trump getting b& from twitter make a bunch of people start using fedi, can trump go piss off bill gates real quick

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It's amazing that you can agree with someone 95% politically and ideologically and still feel like you're watching different movies.

I wish all fedi newfags a very pleasant evening.
@sim As for freedom software being co-opted, fedi has far less to do with that than the amount of Big Tech/socjus influence within the community. Seeing a bunch of goons with Microsoft and Intel e-mails exile Torvalds and Stallman for crimethink is worse to me than Twitter shitposters starting a Mastodon instance.

Alas, poor Red Hat.

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Property taxes are the realization that you don’t own your property but are just paying rent to keep the government from repossessing you.

I don't understand why Team Trump hasn't fired up its own mastadon instance. I've wondered about this for years already, but especially now.

To hell with Zuck and his neo-bookburners. They locked Ron Paul out of his FB page. In my opinion corporations are mini-governments because of their power to affect individuals.

I hope he sues and it goes to the SCOTUS.

it's fucking annoying watching politicians pat themselves on the back for getting vaccinated given that it's been such a shitshow for everyone else

Americans don't care if Trump supports wars, debt, and tyranny, but Americans lose their minds if Trump wears a green tie.

Being at work while western civilization crumbles feels weird.

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This is why you want Mastodon instead of Parler or Gab. I understand it has a higher learning curve, but it's federated design, instances hosted in foreign jurisdictions, and ability to even run your own instance make it that much more resilient and resistant to censorship.

Quick note.

If you can, you should run your own instance. And or create smaller "tribes", this makes for more resilient webs.

Also, make sure to join the Telegram Backup channel

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