What could I do to get in contact with an anime company to offer them my music?

I would ask no compensation, only that authorship is credited.

I will ask suggestions in the !

@Tejas_Rivonkar Hello Te-chin, how are you doing? Long time, as they say. I hope you're okay and by now you have a stable job. All the best from Belgium!

I covered a new song!!


It’s the song that I got all perfect on maimai too~
Going to post it together with that all perfect video so I sang the song in maimai size~

Have a listen~~~ :ablobcatrainbow:
Made a virtual character for myself using the new feature of our local video site lol

It synthesises lip motion when you record your voice, so I tried it w

I’d love to use it and make videos with it as my virtual character, since many people have suggested me to become a Vtuber, but there’re only a number of options when it comes to creating the character’s appearance, so it won’t look too unique for “me” when other people start using it too...

Still it was fun lol

“Nacchan desu!”
I drew the priest from anime “maoujou de oyasumi” :bunblanketsleep:

He’s a nice character lol

“Found...the traitor...”

Hi Te-chin, how are you doing? How is it going there? All is good here. Watching Noblesse and liking it very much -- plus lots of manga as usual. I hope you are good and busy with beautiful things. All the best!

Me singing fujiwarashoki’s dance song :blobcatphoto:

But attempting to impersonate kaguyasama

Changed the Japanese lyrics as well to fit kaguya’s character

Hard to mimic her but with lyric change it’s still fun :3

@Tejas_Rivonkar @ArinaNanami @AmazonLily

Hi Te-chin, hi Nanami-san, hi Lily-san: I confirm that mstdn.jp will close at the end of June:


note that I'm currently on octodon.social, weeaboo.space, and mastodon.bida.im!

do you have other profiles elsewhere?

All the best,

Current progress of this drawing :ablobwhee:

Still a lot of details to add
Very slow but it’s so fun somehow
I love drawing the hair part

@Tejas_Rivonkar @ArinaNanami @AmazonLily
Good day to you friends
Here we are again
I heard that Mstdn.jp is going to shut down soon

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