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I suppose it wouldn't hurt to do an post.
I'm an American living in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, stuff and other stuff. I talk about a lot. I like taking pictures of stuff I see on my walks as well as my felines of unusual size.
I try to stay positive.
Topics I may discuss:

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Note: please follow and I will follow back if you are in #LitStudies, especially:

#ComicsScholarship/#ComicsStudies (whatever we're calling it!)

Feel free to boost! I want to make *friends*.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Can any British people help me out? I'm filling out a form for the Bank of England (ugh) and it's asking for an Account Title. Would that be the name of the owner, or the type of account (i.e. savings, etc.)?

OK, so, "Federated Timeline" is a timeline of posts from instances all over Mastodon that people on your instance follow, while Local is posts from your instance only. Do I have that right?
It seems that perhaps this instance isn't that bad in itself, but some of the people on it have some pretty... Questionable... taste.


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I think I am officially too old for video games. I've been replaying Horizon the last couple of weeks--not even an hour a day--and my thumb joints really started to hurt. Took a few days off and no pain.
Alas, the time has come to put away childish things, I suppose.

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Does anyone else have a Wix website that they successfully linked to their Mastodon account? I thought I could put the rel=“me” code in using the “embed html” function, but the link won’t work. (Boosts would be greatly appreciated.)

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I know some photography/art folks who are new-ish to Mastodon but have long been frustrated with Instagram. Have you taken a look at ?

Like Mastodon, it's distributed and you can self-host or join an instance you like; it uses basically the same mechanism to share content, and interops with Mastodon, but it's entirely focused on posting photos. There are mobile apps that work with it for iOS and Android.

My English translation of The Devil's Flute Murders is all turned in for editing, and scheduled for publication next June. As a fan of classic mysteries and gothic atmospheres, this one was a real treat to translate.

Coming Soon: The Devil's Flute Murders

Wordle 508 4/6


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If you see this toot (yeah this one right here), can you boost it for me? It will help my new server federate with the wider Mastodon network. 🚀 🙏

Perhaps went a little too wild with the exposure on this one, but it has its appeal!

Hm. Someone who's anti-alcohol just got very angry at me for following them here. That's new.

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Is there any way to change Mastodon web client #theme with #css?

Ah, love this game of "Find the original quote." Can anyone tell me the original of this Hannah Arendt quote: "人間にとって人類がいかに重荷であるかが日に日に明らかになっていく"
Something about the burden of humanity on mankind growing clearer day by day?

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Can someone help me with the "verified link" feature on the profile page?

I added a link to my account on my homepage ( and I included the rel="me" in the tag. And yet, it's not doing anything.

What am I missing?

#mastodon #html

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