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Well, I stop speaking in Russian for now. Because, if you "speak and think" in Russian then Russian will come for you to fulfill the "duty".🤬 And you won't like it, obviously!

Dictionary of Russian Patriot:

Libertarianism is fascism.
Patriotism (Ukraine) is fascism.
Liberalism is fascism.
Freedom is fascism.
Prohibition is freedom.
War is peace.
Ignorance is power.

65% of marriages in the ends with . Who is guilty? Violence in the and of course.🤦‍♀️

It's amazing, I found the aspect of #Joplin recently and suddenly for me. You also can use CSS styles to format Markdown! Therefore, you even doesn't need to keep HTML structure for things like "image wall"! See the screenshot below!

Judging by the tone of the hysteria around the Orthodox temple in Ekaterinburg, next maidan should be there. Due the church,are you serious? :)

Russia under Putin
People light a cigarette from candles, because matches are made from junk - don't lights up, breaks like chips, and as a result, suddenly ends.

Seems that I met wrong people whole my life:( Are checking profile of one of latest colleague from last job. Not worstest man, but… Holy crap! Of course, I assume that WoT:B and Battlegrounds needs him for work, but 2663 hours in Counter-Strike and 351 in DOTA 2!?🤣

The day has come, #Pawoo down in #Russia. Due... #loli #porn of course, and because they can't block separate addresses via HTTPS. Someone in the supervisory authority was pretty excited when saw these pics, probably🙂 Assholes.

And the heroes of this Monday are:
@fushichiyo and @kogakunamaitohiro

Heavy rain in Moscow this day. Perhaps, authorities stole too much money that nothing remained for cloud dispersing. Or even sky itself cries for Russia.

Деды на палочке и яйца на полочке. Тенденция-с, однако🤣

Interesting, Yakutian journalists speaks in Russian with asian accent… One nation, one culture, yeah😁

В магазе Epic Games новая халява, какая-то игруля "Транзистор". Вроде красивая, ставлю попробовать.

Wow-wow, Russian propaganda is so infernal. More and more often Satan appears for them:) And only Russians are warrior of God and speak from his name🤣

«Those who passed the language law on Pure Thursday serve the Devil»😆

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