Everything is "awesome" in the news:

«Our response will draw everyone’s attention… could block the Diversity registration to prevent Russians from participating in the

There's no rest for !


Hey, , another violent video- spreads recipes of substances and blueprints for manufacturing! It's your time to action! 🤣

And shortly about blocking in :

"— But there's the news about blocking in Tyumen.
— FM radio wasn't working for two hours.
— That's all.
— And power surge was there."


When trying to find how to change phone number in if lost your number and still didn't learn .

I even doesn't sure that it's possible:( They wants the conformation code from for any action.

Do you remember ? In , they appeared quite late and has no time to become common, everyone switched to mobile phones instantly. Such will be with liberal 😀

"Economy" is so digital. They kind of tell us: come and buy this cheap Chinese digital stuff from us for extra expansive to pay us more , and .

I pay my bank $10/per year and have for free. The has 13-30% from taxes and duty and wants another $30 for the same!🤬

Margarita [chief editor of ] hides the faces of her children in photos, even not yet born. In my opinion, she has a reason to believe that the National Liberation Army will come for her first. I wonder why?🤔

The "independent" spaceman won the in Birulevo district of . Now he will fight against American satellite Internet🤣

Exactly 80 years ago, a little-known artist in collaboration with a critically rejected playwright staged the largest and most expensive theatrical production in history. Remakes and reconstructions of which are staging around the world until today. People called it WWII.

«Wide spaces for dreams and for living
Are opened for us by the coming years
Our loyalty to our Fatherland gives us strength.
Thus it was, thus it is and always will be!»🎊

I don’t understand, how people in dare to get . Obviously, any of them can be in , where tattoos could acquire unexpected meaning for their wearer.

Ah, I see now, Russian "patriots" wants to live in country, where political loyalty is main reason to get a job:) These people don’t even understand how stupid they are.

And did these people definitely defeat fascism?🤔 And if the pilot had a Jewish surname, would it change something?🤬

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