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In the next version of Mastodon, you’ll be able to continue watching or listening as you scroll away from a post


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The Jedi is gone. Will the Supreme Court join the dark side?

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Subway Tooter 4.3.0
- Account.note 中のメンションリンクに補うドメイン名に表示対象アカウントを優先する。
- 投稿中のメンションリンクのmetadataがStatus.mentionsに含まれなかった場合に補うドメイン名に表示対象アカウントを優先する。
- カラムデータを読み込むコードの整理
- 「アプリ設定/色/イベント背景色/ギャップ」を追加。
- Remove build option `multiDexEnabled`.
- androidx.exifinterface 1.3.0



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Total alive Mastodon servers: 2901

Top five most used Mastodon versions:

1 - v3.2.0 -> 1611 (55.53%)
2 - v3.1.4 -> 214 (7.38%)
3 - v3.0.1 -> 157 (5.41%)
4 - v3.1.3 -> 149 (5.14%)
5 - v3.1.2 -> 138 (4.76%)


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鍵垢にしなくても、テキストを暗号化して特定の人にだけ見れるようにできるChrome拡張機能、MaskBookの公式Discord鯖ができました! が運営してるよ!


@Sujiyan Can you maintain an open source project by doing some extra money-making projects ?
The above is how I maintain open source projects.😂

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@Sujiyan I wonder how can you maintain so many projects without getting fund. VPS and other services will cost a lot of money 😀

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Sorry,I forgot to tell where is it. It exists in's web.

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@Sujiyan There might be a funny mistake on typing in words. 😉 It only exists in Chinese language version. When the webpage can't display correctly, it shows "不能正确现实" instead of "不能正确显示". Thanks for Debug 😚

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