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"I have been saying for the last couple years that it is no coincidence with the ubiquitous of high quality video cameras on smart phones that police brutality sightings have gone way up and UFO sightings have gone way down."

I'm in Strasbourg, lobbying hard. Updates soon, but was able to talk to Axel Voss, the main guy behind the current (bad) versions of #Art11 and #Art13. Doing my best to #SaveYourInternet.

Lessons from today:
- Pro-Art11/Art13 MEPs do not know how copyright law works (no surprises there, the copyright law is a mess!)
- Wikimedia Commons is a very good example of a service that could suffer very much.
- As during #ACTA, MEPs are not entirely against sitting down and discussing the issues.

"R.I.P Lakers bandwagon

7/1/2018 to 7/2/2018"

Well that was quick 😲

RT This pixelated World Cup would not be complete without this picture. 🇧🇷 #WorldCup

Sometimes, I have no idea why or how I got the pictures I do on my phone

I love the three death stars tethered together.
RT this is the greatest thing ever. kudos to those responsible.

"Hazard, trying to wriggle between them, becomes the meat in a Shibasaki-Hasebe sandwich."


Have to admit, I wasn't expecting this much suffering in the first minute. 😑 But this still gave me a good chuckle

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