is down due to one or more posts being reported containing ‘sensitive’ content. The service is currently paused by the VPS provider. Currently trying to find out the exact nature of the content in question. I'd ask @Sujiyan here, but he's obviously not in a position to reply from that particular account.

@JapanAnon @Sujiyan My best guess would be drawings that are illegal in some parts of the world and legal in others.

It's hard to more than blindly guess since is hosted behind Cloudflare proxy. What VPS provider they actually use and where it's located is anyone's guess.

@katie @Sujiyan I'm assuming that's the case. I figured it would happen sooner or later.

@JapanAnon @katie yes but this is also the first time in the history of to encounter this :( will have a better plan for future

@Sujiyan @katie Was it spicy anime pictures, then? Because I saw that speedbump down the road a mile away.

@JapanAnon @katie nope. Its Arabic toot contains potential terrorism content. :)


@Sujiyan @JapanAnon @katie we will release the detail information later.

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