Hey we’re hiring!!! Front end engineer & Mobile engineer (Android and iOS). The job is related with Fediverse, Crypto, and decentralized network - but don’t worry if u don’t know too much! All of our source code are open sourced: and ! Remote working is ok! The working language is English but if you can code it’s definitely fine ;);)

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@Sujiyan We don’t require any engineering degree and personal I dropped out;) We can hire people in most geological location if you have Internet. We do have local branch in Illinois, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong - but half of our employees are working remotely. Have a try! Just email me your resume in English directly ;)

@Sujiyan If you don’t have time for a full time job - we also hire stable part time engineers and bounty hunters! For any meaningful pull request open at and ‘s Android bug fix we will have a bounty for the PR!

@Sujiyan We also eliminate unnecessary overworking (might be your problem in traditional management company). ;) pls email me if you’re interested!

@Sujiyan Is there anywhere I can read about what you're doing, myself and a couple other fellows are doing fediverse/crypto (assume you mean cryptocurrency) related stuff, and am curious.

@Moon Also created maintained , and 2 mastodon instances

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