In this case I don’t care too much about Political ideology since obviously Gab is been around for years and I even know the founder personally.

The problem is not following FOSS License. ‘Freedom of Software is Freedom of humanity’ - RMS(?).

@Sujiyan interesting, in this case who's gonna sue the company which violate AGPL agreement? gargron?

@mimorinka actually I think most major contributor (of the codebase) can. He can join the case as well. He can also sue from EU but that will be little bit complicated haha

@Sujiyan I think so, and... does he know about this Japanese alt-right SNS and this violation?

@Sujiyan that would be great!
but note that he didn't do anything about violation happened in few years ago so, only if he willing to take some actions...

@Sujiyan anyway let him know first! I can’t, because I'm blocked by gargron and from his server

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