Starting this month we (on behalf of Mask Network; will donate more on Mastodon official development. We are very confident on the future of Fediverse and decentralized web — and we would like to contribute more both financially and technically.

Sujitech start to sponsor Mastodon development few months ago. Just realized recently the logo is now on the sponsor page. We will keep supporting fediverse and decentralized web to shape a better version of Internet.

Swags on ! Would love to give few ones for free for Air Pods(or Pro). DM me if you're interested, we can mail to Japan or any other places :)

We decided to donate Mastodon creator 100$ per month on behalf of & . (Affiliated with Sujitech LLC in US) — to keep support the community and the future of a more decentralized, open Internet. is the largest 3rd party Twitter/ Mastodon client — is also raising donation here —

What you can do with #Maskbook now 😁 

What you can do with now 😁

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