For a moment there I thought this was a rather extreme leap in backward compatibility from Apple.

2010: Patch installd functionality by modifying the binary on disk

2023: Patch installd functionality by modifying the binary on disk

Time is a flat circle.

(※ Yes, I know this is very different — I just thought this was a funny toot idea.)

[UPDATE] TotalFinder 1.15.0 for macOS 13, 12, 11, and 10.15 (Apple Silicon and Intel)

Download here / ダウンロードはこちらへ:

Discussion thread: ​

Speaking of Windows Vista, I should properly clean up and publicise my internal notes for running it on modern versions of VMware…

(tl;dr: Install VMware Tools 11.0.6, then extract and install video_wddm from 10.3.10. Also comment out sound.virtualDev = "hdaudio" from the VMX.)

[RELEASE] VistaAlwaysGlass — Prevent Windows Vista from disabling Aero Glass transparency when windows are maximised! (… Yeah, I'm not creative with names.)

Apparently I forgot to release this publicly back when I made it in 2020… oops.

Curious about something — how do you all pronounce the word "GeForce"?


On an unrelated note, is there anyone here who's willing to test something on an iOS 15 device and can collect logs from their device?

(※ For example, via macOS's Console​.app)

Twitter changing business account profile pictures to a square shape is uh… really visually jarring.

To me, the inconsistency is just Really Ugly to look at — I much prefer everyone having circlular icons.

Hmn… I'm actually contemplating changing the package IDs for both AppSync Unified and appinst:


I would of course create transitional packages for both, so packages depending on the old ID would not break.

A proper release of AppSync Unified supporting iOS versions up to 16.2 will be coming sometime today!

Thanks to Shatyuka for saving me some work required for proper iOS >= 15 support, and to for testing on their iOS 16.2 device!

Here's a very useful browser extension (Chrome/Chromium, Firefox) that will automatically redirect remote Mastodon instance URLs to those that work on your own instance.

On a VERY related note, I really do wish Mastodon defaulted to reading your OS light mode / dark mode theme information (like every other SNS service / website in general) instead of assuming dark mode by default.

Regarding AppSync Unified on iOS 15:

I will push an iOS 15 update for AppSync Unified as soon as I verify that it… well, doesn't horribly break anything.

Apologies for the over-cautious nature that I use with ASU — there is a very good reason why I do this.

For now, Twitter's API still includes this information, as the current versions of the first-party iOS and Android apps (in addition to other third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot, YoruFukurou, Fenix, etc.) are still able to display client tags.

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Examples of client tags included user-facing Twitter clients, OS integrations, and even SNS marketing middleware:
・Twitter Web App
・Twitter for iPhone
・Twitter for Android
・Nintendo Switch Share

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