I'm almost done with my newest embroidery work. I should stop doing embroidery for a while. I'll study about 3Dart instead!

I've made these two wedding welcome boards for a friend of mine and my brother. Now these weddings are postponed to the next year due to the corona virus situation. I really shouldn't have put the dates on the boards. It's ruined. Can't blame anyone but me... ;(

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Top-level US-China trade talks resume as irritants sour atmosphere

I don't know all the players in the fotos, because they don't have their numbers on their jerseys, but I hope that Glasses Guy's job is to look awkward - he's really good at it. :-)

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@aolog Awesome! Wonderful to see you happy!
I have sent the image to Gemma as well - she was asking about you last night when I was there for supper.

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What do normal people hate about Google? Serious question.
*Normal*! That means probably not you. People you know.

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Not even freezing the last 3-4 liters of chili - eating it every day! :-)

Buddy in Hazelton (Henry) just tagged me on gnu-ring. Said he's bringing me more bear burger next week. Yay! :-)

Love gnu/ring-jami. Excellent voice and video quality. I try to talk Yuko out of skype, but...

Forget if I introduced you to Henry? Montrealer, anglo - we all spoke frenglish? Anyhow, excellent guy and a good friend.

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@aolog Found some of Steph's work, but not jewellry. Besides none of her jewellery looks at all native these days for the reason given. These are masks and panels and stuff in wood.


I'm just curious about these emojis🙇🙏
This one looks like "Dogeza"🙇 Do you use this as an apology gesture? Because I do. But to you, what is it?
and this 🙏. We use this two occasions. The one for pray. The other for an apologize. Not for a greeting.
What do you have in your mind of meaning of these emojis?

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I remember that japanese, english and tagalog are not enough for you and you like spanish next.

Here is your crazy train song into tokyo, but with spanish subtitles! :-)

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (Subtitulada al español)


I got a oblique dip pen from Australia. When I opened the package, I found a tiny tiny origami crane :-) Love it(•ө•)♡

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My second and third Macrame project and It's succeeded! I think😃 It's like meditation to me. I'm not feeling well for months since I came back to Japan. I think I'm gonna make more like this.

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Awww~! serrano pepper and mushrooms!
Yeah, I think so too. They are very strict in alien species. Thank you for thinking about it tho :)

I was making these for my friends today.
I love calligraphy and I'm still practicing. I can see my flaws everytime but also I can see my improvement everytime! I hope I'm not gonna lose my passion in calligraphy.

I got a mastodon app on my phone now!! I can talk to you guys more\(^o^)/

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I love doing embroidery. I'm in love with resin. I’ve been practicing calligraphy. I made these for my friend as wedding gift :) I passionate about creating stuff recently.

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@aolog @dokuja

I posted this before I left Terrace (I'm in Hazelton right now). I barely finished this before I had to leave town and then I forgot to put your name on it! So you didn't see it.


Dokuja just wanted a copy too. He said the words chili and okonomiaki attracted his attention ;-)

@gemlog The new era has started in Japan since this month. It's called "Reiwa 令和". So I and friends did Japanese traditional calligraphy. We actually didn't celebrate this new era because it doesn't change our life. We just gathered and did BBQ and just happened to changed the name of era :)

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