I've been crazy busy nowadays. I made too many plans! I blame it on summer. I
wanna go out somehow.
I saw my friends yesterday, I'll see my friends tonight, I'll see my friends tomorrow😂
I want to talk to you. probably next weekend🙌 if you're free :)

Hi! It's so hot here... :tux:
I have plans for this weekends. I'll leave my house early and come back late.
I hope I'll see you next weekends😇

Sorry to interuped and leave! It was emergency(I mean It was number2. lol)

anyway, It was really good talking. Thank you for helping my problems :)

I'm quite interested about this.
The person who did this must be very old, I think.

I think you might find this interesting too. It's Japanese old cultural thing.

Quick question💡
A surfer who cleans up the beach, how do you call or name this person?
1. Surfer crealer
2. Tidy surfer
3. something else
I'm not good at like this English because this is not a sentence. I don't know the grammatical rules.

Hi :)
My house wifi have seemed find but I got plans for tomorrow😣
Are you still at Heazelton?🏘

I want to finish this embroidary by the end of May...

It's 2 am here.
I woke up late today so I'm not sleepy yet. ✬ I wonder what you're doing now.

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Where are you living nowadays? Did you tell me or I just forgot? 🤔

I don't text you so often but I think of you
and your family a lot. I remember what I had in Canada before sleep. It's sweet memory but when I remember it, it hurts so much. I wish I could go back time.

Also this happened on my favorite japanese train...

I could be the victim.
This article said the attackers target was " happy-looking couple" but I heard it was just "happy-looking girl".
I'm so sorry for the girl who is stabbed...
can't believe this happened here.

I was trying to catch up what I have missed while my computer is... having problem.
I became loving AfterEffects. Although I should focus on 3D effects...

I'm sorry Paul, I'm having same computer problem again so I don't have energy to talk...
I'll reply the toots that you sent me after this ends...😢

I'm looking forward this Friday. I'm getting a used wacom 16 inch tablet from one of my classmate😋 Can't wait!

I've been wanting to get a tattoo and nose piercing for a long time. I think it's cute :)

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