> .. we.. know.. since the test, that hydrogen bombs.. gradually spread destruction over a much wider area than had been supposed.. a bomb can now be manufactured which will be 26,000 times as powerful as that which destroyed .. exploded near the ground or under water, sends radioactive particles into the upper air.. It was this dust which infected the fishermen although they were outside what American experts believed to be the danger zone.

> I.. fear that science will be used to promote the power of dominant groups, rather than to make men happy. , having been taught to fly by his father , was destroyed by his rashness., the same fate may overtake the populations whom modern men of science have taught to fly. Some of the dangers inherent in the of while we retain our present political and economic institutions are set forth.. [here]

■ 世界飢餓の構造
> を考えるときに陥りやすい落とし穴を一つ一つ解明。
" - Twelve Myths"より

> .. becoming the first leftist president in Colombia, long a conservative stronghold in . He has vowed to fight worsening climate change, poverty and inequality in Colombia by raising taxes on the rich and expanding social programs, as well as access to education and healthcare..
> .. today politics is divided between the politics of life and the politics of death. worldwide separates us into two major sides.

> That means taking on the challenge we have as humankind today to bring a halt to the . And for that, we propose a transition from an extractive industries-based investment policy to sustainable energy and to having a system of economic production that puts life at the center. That is why I have been proposing a program of productive projects and with the idea of being the top issue.

> .. the idea that in Colombia a new form of government is possible.. built up from the Black, Indigenous and peasant peoples from the very different sectors of the community, LGBTIQ+, from the youth, from the women, from the small farmers of , those who have been no one — that is to say, who have never had a voice in the government.. we can write our own history, a history that will make it possible to live with , with ..

> The great contest within our societies is between the power of money and the power of people.
"The struggle of the people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting." from the guy that wrote The Unbearable Lightness of Being, I think. But I'm always tempted to attribute the quote to Colombia's Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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> An effective “tech control” ecosystem is also about making sure alternative voices are not captured. After the 2008 financial crisis, MEPs assisted with the setting up of .. independent research and advocacy on in the broader interest of society beyond banks.
Now, needs a . In an environment that is easily bought by those with the most money, independent research on must be upheld.

> .. to be disdainful of the great social task of education is as stupid as it is wicked. It is the end of progress in knowledge. No society, least of all so intricate and mechanized a society as ours, is safe in the hands of a few clever people. The mathematician [and the hacker] and the plain man each need the other.
in talks about the importance of too.

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> Fruitful intellectual activity of the cleverest people can never transcend the limitations of the social culture they inherit. When clever people pride themselves on their own isolation we may well wonder if they are very clever at all. To be proud of intellectual isolation from the common life of mankind and to be disdainful of the great social task of education is as stupid as it is wicked..

@koherecoWatchdog @jeronim LIke you, I could have avoided wasting a lot of time if everyone around me used LaTeX and I had been able to get help to become competent with it. The added complexity of Japanese fonts may have been a bottleneck. If you become a teacher, depending on your audience, this thread might prepare you to start dealing with a lack of computer literacy. Let me know if you start thinking about education: Lancelot Hogben's Mathematics for the Millions comes to mind.

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A 1932 Bertrand Russel Essay on European Conferences to avoid war made me think of Climate Conferences,
> Einstein.. went to Geneva during the conference to find out whether there was hope of anything being done. The conference having proved futile.. [He] attempted to hold a congress that should consider what intelligent people could do to save Europe from suicide...

> Before this garden was created, the school lunch.. had been the ubiquitous can of pop and a dubious pre-packed snack. Now the young people sit at communal tables and discuss the merits and flavours of their prepared dishes. This experience is taken home and they pass on what they've learned to their parents... 200 of these children arrived at school hungry and were offered nothing of quality; now 600 arrive in time for breakfast...

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Bed Time for Birdies. It's hard to get good pictures of Kuro, the black Silky: he's fast. But once the birds are in for the night they don't move much so it's a good time to get some close up shots. #silky #backyardchickens #KuroTheSilky

> ノーム・チョムスキー Noam Chomsky 『明日の世界を創る-大学の役割』
> 「チョムスキー革命」とまで呼ばれる大転換をもたらした言語学の権威であり、思想家としても知られているノーム・チョムスキー氏。この講演のテーマは『明日の世界を創る——大学の役割』でした。そこでチョムスキー氏は、大学の役割について次のように述べました。 「健全な社会での大学の社会的・知的な役割とは、根本的な意味で破壊的・転覆的なもの。科学の分野では、このことが当然のこととして受け入れられている。確立された考えへの途切れることのない挑戦によって科学は生きのびるのだ。そういった挑戦を開始し追究するような学生を奨励することで科学教育はうまくいく。開放的で転覆的な思想が教育制度や社会全体に広がれば、個人や社会が利益を受けることになる。苦しみや不正を甘受する必要はない。正しい道であれば根本的な制度変更もありうる」。

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Why Is Everybody Talking About "Wet Bulb Temperatures"?

As the #Arctic circle reaches temperatures of nearly 50°C (120°F) and an unprecedented #heatwave causes hundreds of deaths in #Canada and the Pacific Northwest United States, people are asking: what’s a #WetBulbTemperature?”



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RT @CopernicusEMS: Flooding has once again disrupted the lives of millions of people in northern #Bangladesh🇧🇩

➡️On 21 June 2022, our new #CEMS Global Flood Monitoring product #GFM automatically detected a massive #flood🌊 event by processing #Sentinel1🛰️radar images


🐦🔗: nitter.eu/CopernicusEU/status/

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#WetBulbTemperature is the scariest part of #ClimateChange you’ve never heard of

The impacts of increased heat have been left out because we assume, incorrectly it turns out, that human beings can adapt to moderate increases in global temperature.
This turns out to be false, particularly in areas prone to hot and #humid weather. It all comes down to one measure: wet bulb...



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