@Le_M_Poireau S'il est dans l'ombre il n'est plus vraiment utile, ce n'est pas la Résistance Française non plus.

@Le_M_Poireau Ça fait cinq ans, et l'opinion publique a été retournée contre eux.

@a7 All I know is that prices are rising without any reason besides the rise of energy bills, which itself may not be justified as well.

@Le_M_Poireau Mais jusqu'ici, il n'y a eu aucune action en dehors des écrans, pourtant.

@wordofthehour The French translation is incorrect. "fille" is the appropriate word. "fils" means "son".

@redfrog Ben… Oui ? C'est le cœur de leur business, qui est surpris ?

@cryptgoat I'd say it depends on whether the Sentry software is self-hosted by the application's maintainer and configured properly.

The feature also should definitely be opt-in.

@arretsurimages Privatisation des bénéfices, mutualisation des déficits.

@forestbot The new Animal Crossing's looking good, not gonna lie.

(Yes I know it's a bot).

@ben On attend l'indexation des salaires sur le gaz.

@nukie Bowls are great indeed, but do you pour milk after the cereals?

@FRA By reducing the democratic part of a democracy I guess. At least that's how France seems to sell it.

@vincentxavier Je ne vois là qu'une énième démonstration de l'expertise française pour l'extorsion de fonds publics.

@alyx And yet, it is the favorite destination of all the Instagram influencers people simp for.


@alexandra @chjara It doesn't mean Itanium was the solution by far.

IA-64 was an attempt from Intel to make huge profits off the 64-bit transition and wouldn't have helped one bit. AMD64 retained the compatibility with x86 and that's all everyone needed at a time of transition.

x86-64 will stick around for a good while still but I cannot tell when it will finally be given up.

Now, both Microsoft and Apple are embracing AArch64 so the future may look interesting.

@chjara *laughs in Intel Itanium*

Really, many ignorant people like to spit on AMD but thank God for AMD64.

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