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Fuck the MIUI. Go back to AOSP. Believe the Lineage.

WTF!? Karate-Kid(Remaked version)!? NTV is insane-o flex!

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【三重県 気象警報・注意報 2017年06月02日 22:10】
#気象警報注意報 #三重県

When males are cuming, their IQ level is "2".

Japanese sex educations are absolute corrupted. 99% of males are not able to understand what is menstruation.

Peach Aviation collaborate with KanColle? Stupid ANA, you bloody basterd.


Ritsumeikan is beyond borders. That paper was a super-fuck idiot.

Maybe it is time to replace my laptop and build another desktop machine

Creators Update is not available for my ThinkPad X240! Fuck you! Force update is buggy either

wait a second, we haven't talk about dacia sandero's news yet!

I can't understand why I have to translate my post into Japanese just for you. Delete your account.

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