any new people joined FSE? I posted FSE link on a few chan boards and told them its a free speech site, i posted it on a couple of TOR social media networks too and told them they can use TOR as well. So I guess a few people shold have joined? @Hitler @ultem @mguy3790 @salt @amerika @Oblivia @11112011 @andreas @apropos @SwordFighterSuper @Prodigal @Terry @MisterRogersSnapped @gladicouldnthelp @tinfoil-hat @lanodan @thebitchisback @tk @pookito @ipslfn @icedquinn @mitsuki @abloo @Simpadoo @sjw @jasonl8446 @bagofshit @comfy @mimorinka @Nobody @Starcake @Zerglingman @p @alex
@sjw @11112011 @ultem @mguy3790 @amerika @salt @Hitler @bagofshit @andreas @apropos @SwordFighterSuper @Prodigal @Terry @MisterRogersSnapped @Oblivia @gladicouldnthelp @tinfoil-hat @lanodan @thebitchisback @tk @Nobody @pookito @ipslfn @icedquinn @mitsuki @abloo @Simpadoo @jasonl8446 @p @comfy @mimorinka @Starcake @Zerglingman @alex 2 police in McAllen, Texas, were killed on Saturday, ambushed as they arrived at a call.

Probably a domestic violence call. Haha i am happy they are dead. They deserve it for being white-knight cucks who enforce the feminist law.

@howaito516 @ZDH @tk @icedquinn @abloo @amerika @comfy @Oblivia @Prodigal @Terry @Zerglingman @alex @ultem @gladicouldnthelp @MisterRogersSnapped @Nobody @salt @SwordFighterSuper @andreas @Hitler @mguy3790 @bagofshit @Starcake @lanodan @jasonl8446 @pookito @tinfoil-hat

he is Japanese cute gay boy so leave this hell thread from me and do whatever you guys want to him

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