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Grown up in Tokyo area as a son of a worker of transportation industry. I've been a since I jumped into Japan League of Socialist Youth 40+ years ago. Used to be a member of and still a member of .
I frequently write articles of economic analysis for magazines of socialism and .

【12/26(日)】脱原発をめざす首長会議がGX実行会議に対する記者会見を開催 松下玲子武蔵野市長ら YouTube配信



#イベント情報 #リアルイベント #反原発 #環境・気候 #脱原発 #GX #グリーンウォッシュ #脱原発をめざす首長会議




#OtD 2 Dec 2009 3 Hyundai workers in Czechia shut down their lines, halting production to protest excessive overtime. The wildcat spread and became official a few days later until management agreed to reduce forced overtime

Rail workers can't schedule getting the flu on a Tuesday 30 days in advance.
What we're seeing is an inhumane deal being pushed onto workers even after a majority voted it down. If we are a pro-labor party, we must stand up for them. They need paid sick leave now.
I can’t in good conscience vote for a bill that doesn’t give rail workers the paid leave they deserve. We fumbled this in Build Back Better, we can’t do that again.

「許されない」「説明を」 杉田氏やゆ投稿にアイヌ民族憤り

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Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

There is a student protest going on at Tsinghua University, the "alma mater" of Chinese president Xi Jinping. All "unapproved" printed material is banned, so the students are getting creative.

#Cosmology to the rescue! Friedman equation being used to demand that the universe be opened.

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#清华大学 #白纸革命

You come across some disturbing things when you browse old newspapers. Case in point is the New York Times Amusements This Evening section from December 30, 1851, where they highlight an exhibition of “Two Living Aztec Children“ at the Society Library.

Later on in 1852, the Times goes in much greater detail about how these two children were kidnapped and then sold in San Salvador to an American and brought to New York City to be exhibited.




This is the sub text I see when reading some bios. And around Board tables. Openings of parliament. Pretty much everywhere.
#DontAtMe :ablobcall:
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Going shopping for the holidays? Make sure your gifts are #UnionMade! #1u

Find the perfect union-made gift with @aflcio full list here:


シアトル系コーヒー大手の米・スターバックスは、シアトルで初めて労働組合が結成された店舗の閉鎖を決定しました。閉鎖されるのはBroadway & Denny店で、同社の本拠地シアトルでは初めて、全米でも4番目に組合が結成された店舗。会社側は、安全上の問題のために閉鎖したと主張していますが、セキュリティの提供を拒否しています。米ニュースサイト「More Perfect Union」のtwitterが伝えました。

#労働運動 #海外 #スタバ #スターバックス #スト破り




A 20-year-long Indigenous-led movement to undam the Klamath River just won the largest river restoration project in history! FERC unanimously voted Thursday to remove the four lower Klamath dams starting next year! The salmon are coming home for the first time since 1918.

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