About and hope of future of the Music.

Now I'm a VR Music Creater, sharing a public inventory of Songs, Loops, SE, Jingles for other's development or event on Neos. that's getting a big part of my work without any order such as in the Real World.

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It is more than remote music production.
because it is already exists and the reason is lack of budget. that is sad side of making music in Real World.

But when I start sharing my work in ,
Everyday of my Life is getting just like always playing!!!

Now I got a work in another VR community. The work is VR Manipulator and it is already possible on . when the 5G broadband improve and makes 16bit/44.1k Wav file transfer's latancy lower than 10ms...
Happens what???

Recording, Direction, Mixing, Masterng...Any kind of Real Music Production is Possible in I think.

It is a real big big hope of the future of Music.

I think it will be the revolution No.10. next of Beatles Magic of Polular Music!!!

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