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A rejected idea
for a holiday movie:
a career-driven woman
goes home for Christmas
but contracts the virus
in her unmasked travels
she spends the holiday feverish
infecting her family
and when she goes to the hospital
the medical professionals
are too tired and angry to flirt.

Nihilist Wendy's doesn't believe in taking money from customers.

We ask you to put that money towards your server administrators instead!

Life is too short to give a shit, yet here they all are, helping keep servers afloat during the largest wave of new users Mastodon has ever seen.

Support your admin, today!

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Everything's going to end someday but we're curious about beginnings: When did you start using the Fediverse (Mastodon, Misskey, Peertube, etc.)?

Then I asked it to write the op-ed, warning of disaster, and it obliged, leaving out the part where millions kill themselves in despair, interestingly.

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I am sort of tempted to try other Mastodon mobile apps, but I feel like yuito (a fork of tusky) just does the job well enough. Is there an android app you like the most?

Today is Bandcamp Friday! Bandcamp gives 100% of sales to artists on this day. Please support your favorite musicians and artists!

This also includes merch, so if there's a shirt, hoodie or vinyl you've had your eye on. Go now!

#music #bands #vinyl #musicians #BandcampFriday #bandcamp

御堂筋の冬。Midosuji in Osaka is decorated with winter-only illuminations at night.

Some old #PixelArt t-shirts I designed for the Yetee based on #StarFox #LegendOfZelda and #SmashBros. I forgot these existed, until digging through my old files today.

Cats do it
Dogs do it
Even educated hogs do it
Let's do it
Let's sleep most of the day

I love the idea of the #ArtAdventCalendar, and it looks like photography is a welcome medium in the fun, so thought I’d participate!

Here’s my Day 1 photo: a ray of light piercing bleeding hearts. ☀️❤️

I took this a few years back in a friend’s backyard. I just love these flowers and can’t help but stop to photograph them whenever I see them.

#Advent #Photography #Flowers #Art #FlowersOfMastodon #Photo

💎 The Blue Crystal

I continue my drawing training and sometimes I push the rendering of a test and finalize it, like in this one.
I'm using almost no ref' to train my ability to predict color and light by imagination. Among my new skill, I'm now more confident at drawing and designing men. I can also better predict overexposed light areas and strong sunlight. It feels great to do progress.

#krita #MastoArt
#dragon #fantasyart #digitalart

That feeling when you get a new skill.

I'm still training my brushwork and my speed to complete artwork. After many failed tests, this one is starting to bring together a lot of aspects that I like. A good reason to share it with you. I hope you'll like it.

#CritiqueWanted #krita
#MastoArt #fantasyart

have not learned
from history
but perhaps someday
when all of us
are but dust and memories
our distant descendants
will learn
from our refusal to learn.

There are days
where I worry
that everything
is falling apart
and then
there are days
where I worry
that everything
has already fallen apart
but that we
are only just now
realizing it.

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