Racism sucks.

Equalling an individual with any corporation they voluntarily or involuntarily belong to likewise sucks.




Implementing animated Simpsons illustrations in CSS isn't the most practical web-coding demo I've seen, but it's among the most impressive. Bravo, @chrispattle@twitter.com!

(not shown: the eyes animate and blink!)



A great article that puts recent events into the context of the contradiction between 党领导一切 and the need for continuous economical development that has been a key problem of recent China politics.


Yes, and this very live map shows 1310 deaths and 6243 recovered at the moment, which is 1 to 4.5.
AFAIK it uses official WHO data, and there is also Chinese data e.g. here ncov.dxy.cn/ncovh5/view/pneumo but it’s almost the same, except Chinese data do not usually include overseas cases.

@MMrsHegde 1368 and 60K as today they also counted those who got infected/died from pneumonia before they were tested positively for the virus.
But the quarantine seems to be really effective, as most new cases come from Wuhan.
Also, the number of those who recovered is already 4 times higher than of those who died, and keeps going up, even with the new numbers taken into account.

@osapon 子供は症状の軽い、普通な風邪と見えると読むことがありました。例えば、麻疹は子供がよく治る、大人は危ないのことのようそうです。

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