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Have a preliminary PART3 .
Need to leave it to get some perspective on it, then come back and change things πŸ˜€
Move/ Trim scenes, maybe replace one music section of with something more JMJ Arpeggiator-ish. Or Maybe not

The drawing process of pen on paper is shown in this I did a few months ago.

Draw in 2B mechanical pencil, ink some, erase pencil, ink details then scan into computer and add color.

Had 4 different girl in kimono reference images from Google Images, but it isn't based on any single one. The blue kimono idea was from a photo of early 1990s Nishida Hikuru (always thought she was pretty), but the floral details here are totally different.

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Here's me, aged 12, receiving tuition at the Spitting Image Workshop. I now work for this resurrected TV comedy series, and we're staging a live show in February. The new puppets that will star in this are looking fantastic.

Without the kindness of the creators of Spits, I'm not sure I would have pursued #caricature as a career.

And yes, that's Ronnie Reagan in the background, being sculpted for a Genesis pop video.

#ThrowBackThursday #tealcartoons #art #artist #artistsonmastodon #mastoart

Was Challenged on twitter to do a "my style" version of a girl in Kimono looking at blossoms drawing.

So a big eyes, big headed cartoon ☺

Started ink on paper. Multi-liners and Zebra brush pen on DELETER A4 blank manga paper. Coloured in Photoshop, but floral patterns made in CorelDraw. Its COPY+ROTATE makes doing things like these flowers easy. Wheel spokes too. πŸ˜…

Moved and resized mouth, eyes and nose a few times.

So have 3min 35sec of PART3 animation. One short scene's meaning isn't obvious enough. Will think of alternatives/ fixes.

Now for music.

Some Metal guitar, Orchestral bits and sequencers and synths. But don't want to repeat the same thing or be TOO different, so not likely to have a Drum&Bass or Hiphop section. Own music skill also a big limiting factor.


So I didn't expect to buy a new CD featuring a very old I was involved with designing IN August, OR I would buy the 1972 Tangerine Dream Zeit CD this morning! And it isn't even music, nothing musical happens in this double album, just πŸ˜€

Was warm this morning, but a rather strong COLD wind started blowing mid morning. Winter may finally be here...

Moved back to Japan 3 years ago today. Selling our Sydney house, downsizing and getting the cats documentation right was many many months of stress and worry.

Moving into where was our parents house in Kyoto after a knock down rebuild the way we wanted it has been worth it though.

That Japanese "start a new life at 60" (plus a bit) happened. ☺

Have some 11 Tangerine Dream albums, but have never heard ZEIT, their double ambient work before ambient was a thing. More than

Beato's latest interview has Steven Wilson saying it is his favorite album. Changes the feeling in the room and he never tires of it.

A few years ago I had Brian Eno's "Music For Airports" on constantly. Almost like Aroma Theropy for mood. A room perfume.

Not actually a frame from PART 3 of our ROCK Opera, but does show some of the 2D images used in a segment I threw together this afternoon to see how it fits, more an .

Uses photos of miniatures photoshop manipulated. These are the 2D elements animated in Moho Pro 12 to music.

served next table, so got a full front view shot.
Saw same model at gyoza place last week. Cut down contact with virus carrying customers?

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GUSTO Morning service delivered by a robot for the first time for me.
I expect it is more RC trolley than but that is all R2D2 is πŸ˜€

Part long walk, part thinking time & part visit ATM for cash end of month time.

FB reminds me I rediscovered this 10 year working at Anniversary certificate 10 years ago, after being packed away for some 15 years.
My 10 years at Roland was actually in 1997.
It was in with a stack of our kids artwork and old school stuff.

Was told by some other ex-colleagues when I did the FB post, the company changed it so that 10 years wasn't special anymore. Remember I was untitled to actually use some of my vacation time, which of course wasn't really possible 😩

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday! Here is a demo song I made using the recent vocal libraries I got, called Voice Of Wind: Adey and Lyrical Vocal Phrases.

What vibe do you get listening to this? I would love to hear your thoughts! I haven't finished the piece yet πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

#lyricalvocalphrases #voiceofwind #vocals #scifi #music #musicproduction #bgm #vgm #cubase #composer #musicproducer #soundiron #adey #nicolemariet #cinematic #orchestral

Really enjoyed GOOD OMENS on prime. Back to reading THE SANDMAN comic then.
And in other news we didn't take any of the BLACK FRIDAY bait. Did consider the dr VR VST, but have used a useable free panner already.

I do not like that site of birds
I do not like its awful words

I do not like what it became
I do not like its cult of shame

I do not like intrusive ads
I do not like the vapid fads

I do not like the clout it’s given
I do not like its algorithm

But I shall miss that weird bird town
I do not like it burning down

Last weekend I fixed my Kindle & uploaded Part2 of my ROCK OPERA

Today, I added a shelf to the display/ draws/ book case I have that was my father-in-laws. A bit on a new spaceship mining prop too.

Hadn't used this carving set for 25+ years. The shelves have notches in the underside that sit on moveable screw in bolts. Here I'm adding those to a 700円 finished shelf bought at the hardware store this morning. It was also 15mm to long too. πŸ˜€
Only took 3 years to get around to it

Love the Freak Kitchen.
The songs are heavy and mean something. Real inspiration for the tracks I recorded last year.

Mattias IA , the guitarist, singer and songwriter also likes and has made a bunch of Mr. Nobs adverts for his Murchandise. Tshirts and hoodies.


Learning new stuff.
Bought a Ball and Socket armature kit, and M3 threaded rod to match the proportions of OLD solid puppets Need to cut lower back and shoulder down a bit here.

Head where solid back in the day, but that is too heavy, so a new head, with movable eyes, and a light core needed. The proportions of Fireball XL5, but look of Captain Scarlet.

Body will be urethane foam covered in felt/cloth UFO Ed Straker like Suite.

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