would you watch a 4 minute lecture from this lady just to have permission to watch a movie?

you now have to on HBO, at least for some movies like Gone with the Wind

it's not just suggested, you literally cannot skip it

@mguy3790 @matrix @lbry @sjw @nostradamust@noagendasocial.com @Mitsu so it says, if you watch something on HBO you must watch this woman's something annoyed political fuck, am I correct?

@mimorinka @matrix @lbry @sjw @nostradamust @Mitsu Yes. You have to watch her in order to watch the content you want to see.

@mguy3790 @matrix @lbry @sjw @nostradamust@noagendasocial.com @Mitsu i don't have HBO account so I don't know this woman saying

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