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Pictured: Firefox's WebRender engine with work-in-progress GLES3 drivers. Apple M1 Mini. This uses the GPU to render Firefox, composite the desktop, and post-process the video. The video itself is software decoded, pending drivers for the orthogonal Apple Video Decoder (AVD) hardware. On Arm system-on-chips, video decoding is usually an unrelated to hardware block from 3D.

Attribution: My OpenGL driver, @lina 's kernel as usual... plus Lina's framebuffer compression patches from her stream today~

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inappropriate language, docker 

rebuilding the same fucking image the 500th time today because some god damn package manyager doesn't properly document their shit and creates duplicates every fucking where

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That last post was meant to be a Twitter-only repost of Alyssa's, but after I forgot the #noxp the second time around I figured why not leave it here too...

I kind of want a quote-boost feature... it feels like there's no good way to react with a comment to something ^^;;

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@lina @dougall While working on these userspace Mesa changes today, I did not hit a single GPU kernel driver bug. Not. A. Single. Bug.

This is thanks to Lina's phenomenal efforts. She took a gamble writing the kernel driver in Rust, knowing it would take longer to get to the first triangle but believing it would make for a more robust driver in the end. She was right.

A few months of Lina's Rust development has produced a more stable driver than years of development in C on certain mainline Linux GPU kernel drivers.

I think... I think I have Rust envy 🦀​

....Or maybe just Lina envy 😊​

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Over 1000 followers on vt.social already in just one day!!! 🎉🎉

This is really taking off!!! ✨✨

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Next week we’ll be doing some infrastructure updates, I’ll announce when exactly. There should be a couple of hours of downtime while that happens.

The infrastructure updates should allow for future updates to have virtually 0 downtime

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I guess I should do an #introduction!

Hello everyone, Asahi Lina here! I'm a Linux developer VTuber! I work on Linux GPU drivers for Apple Silicon GPUs, and I also sometimes help out with @Inochi2D, which is the open source VTubing software I use! It was developed by @LunaFoxgirlVT ^^

Luna and I figured we wanted to help make a home for VTubers on the fediverse, so we created this instance! Drop us a line if you're a VTuber or related content creator and you want an invite~!


今日秋葉原でうろちょろした。ラーメンが探してはじめて、もう10時だって知った(°ロ°) !

恵比寿駅が近いです! 150-0012渋谷区広尾区1-1-36

❤❤❤❤❤/5 おすすめ!!!
新宿前・新宿三丁目の近い!〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿3丁目21−2 ナナエビル1F

❤❤❤❤/5 おすすめ!!

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