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Gestern wurde Christine Prayon mit dem Dieter-Hildebrandt-Preis der Stadt München ausgezeichnet und sie nutzte diesen Moment für Kritik am Umstieg zurück auf proprietäre Systeme. Das Preisgeld spendet sie der #FSFE für #FreieSoftware und #Future <3


@tkt058 USA has made higher tariffs for items imported from China with a large effect on the stock market. I think the rise of bitcoin value is because of that.

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@kline congratulations! Glad to hear your hard work paid off.

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Follow-up on tool that extracts GPG secret keys of Nitrokey Start tokens:



– obviously, the Nitrokey Start wasn't protected
– owners should update their firmware to release RTM.7 or above

Original toot: mastodon.at/@infosechandbook/1

#gpg #nitrokey #infosec #cybersecurity #security

@tkt058 I'm sure people appreciate the work that you do!

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Hey #Google! Fuck you!

Spying, Complicity, Censorship and Political Interference are not only wrong, I won't accept it any more!

I am not allowing my self to be used by you!

Here are 5 alternatives to google (search)

1. searx
2. duckduckgo
3. startpage
4. qwant
5. yandex

The above are just some alternatives I know of. As they also have high levels of censorship we as a society should push for better privacy respecting and protecting, censorship free, decentralized and Free/Libre alternatives to Google Search and other things relating to google here.

#boycottgoogle #dropgoogle
#deletegoogle #deletegmail

Workout: done. Next up: completing the police cyber crime unit test. I am curious to see how difficult it is.

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Mozilla Firefox :firefox: – expired immediate signing certificate results in many disabled extensions:



– users report that many of their Firefox extensions are disabled
– some "security" people recommend to turn off the check for signatures → we don't recommend this at all (it's like ignoring any other certificate error which is insecure in most cases)

#mozilla #firefox #broken #certificate #extensions #authenticity

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bsd.network has blocked the librem.one instance, because they removed all abilities for us to report abuse to them. They also removed the ability for their users to report abuse from our users, which is also pretty troublesome.

While we normally do not announce instance blocks, this is a fairly serious action on their part and needs to be pointed out publicly.

The safety of our users in the Fediverse is very important to us.

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