I still don't understand how "" works. 🤔

元アップルCDO、サー・ジョニー・アイブによってデザインされた革新的な「THE RED NOSE」(赤鼻)。英国紳士の気高い薫りがするぜ。


The innovative "THE RED NOSE" designed by former Apple CDO, Sir Jony Ive. The noble fragrance of an English gentleman.

Twitter APIの無償提供が終了へ。

ログインが Twitter Oauth のみのサービスとか、その他なんらかの連携機能を用いている場合には検討が必要になりそう。


Twitter API will no longer be provided free of charge.

Consideration may be necessary if the service uses only Twitter Oauth for login, or if some other integration function is used.

Amazon Japan が M2 MacBook Air を20%引きで販売してる…



Amazon Japan is offering a 20% discount on M2 MacBook Air...

The only customization range is SSD, which is not suitable for me as I need an English keyboard, but it would be good for those who want a cheap price anyway.



I'm trying to put some English in my toot to study English writing, but I tend to rely on DeepL...




I hadn't seen For All Man Kinds on tv+ before, but once I started watching it, it was to die for.

I regret not having watched it before and I'm happy with the luxury of watching three seasons at once.




“Rive” is a high grade animation authoring tool. And it can import from Lottie and is said to be much lighter.

Spline and other in-browser applications are getting surprisingly sophisticated these days.


有料版では各種3DフォーマットやiOS AR用、3Dプリンター用ファイルの生成までできる。これは驚いた。


After creation in the browser, it is of course possible to export images, URLs for publication, and JavaScript code for the website as is.

The paid version can generate files for various 3D formats, for iOS AR, and even for 3D printers. This is amazing.




Blender is probably the most widely used 3D graphics tool today. I think "Spline" is lighter in functionality, but more intuitive and easier to learn. After all, it runs in the browser!

It took a little bit of intuition, but I was able to easily create a interactive keyboard just by following the tutorial.



I guess modifying a mastodon toot means deleting it once and reposting, not editing it. I wonder if there are instances that literally allow toot modifying?



“Twitodon” is a service that extracts accounts that use Mastodon with the same user name from accounts they follow on Twitter.


<meta property="twitter:player" content="">
<meta property="og:video" content="">



I noticed this after sharing the Shottr website, but didn't know...

<meta property="twitter:player" content="">
<meta property="og:video" content="">

I can view it as an embedded video on Mastodon.



CleanShot Xも同じく人気だが、Shottrは無料で提供されている。まじで意味がわからない。


What is the best tool for taking screenshots? If you ask me, I recommend "Shottr".

It completely surpasses the standard macOS screenshot functionality and is no longer a tool that you can't live without.

CleanShot X is also popular, but Shottr is offered for free. Seriously, it makes no sense.

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