A good resolution for 2020? Switching to the Fediverse πŸ‘Œ

Twitter => #Mastodon/#Pleroma joinmastodon.org/ pleroma.social/

Instagram => #Pixelfed pixelfed.org/join

Facebook => #Friendica friendi.ca/

YouTube => #Peertube joinpeertube.org/

Good news, you can use all of these softwares with #Fedilab.

My good resolution, be a better CM :)

PS: don't forget to have a look to switching.software/



instead of Facebook?
Why not or ?

I'm not questionning, just asking.

@poujolrost , I tried most of them and then went with friendica. To edit a post after it was sent, was a important feature for me.

@poujolrost @fedilab
Choose whatever floats your boat :) Welcome to the world of free (as in speech) software. Diversity is the way to go.

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