@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @poujolrost The article says 40% of the lowest income households do not have a car. That’s actually a good thing. We don’t want #cars to be affordable. Making cars costly & inconvenient is a /beneficial/ climate action.

@koherecoWatchdog @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo

Hello, I understand that either:
1) your job/company is reachable via public transports or/and bike lanes,
2) you are not poor.

Some people can't have a choice or didn't long time ago when they signed their contract.

My own job is 25km away in a small city, with irregular planing.
I can't rely on public transports when there is only 1 bus or train / hour. And the road is a 1 lane (in each direction) without bike lanes.

I NEED a car to get there.

@poujolrost @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo You have a choice on where you work and where you live. You chose to live & work 25km apart b/c it was affordable. That’s not good. If by some magic you had a cheap but high emissions vehicle that could take you 2500km quickly, you would do it. I’m glad you don’t have that option. It’s a shame you have the luxury of being able to live & work 25km apart; not good for the env.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @poujolrost I could afford a car if I needed/wanted one. And that’s not good. Luckily my sense of ethics stops me doing that, but other people with the same income are not making the same decision to avoid #cars.

You judge people (at least me), very quickly, knowing barely nothing about me.

I know very much the danger and pollution of a car.
Like I know the cost of real estate (including renting your flat) into this other city.

Many landlords have HIGH demands to be sure you will pay the rent every month. Not so many people can move from a place onto another because of that.

Many, many, people work outside the city where they live/sleep. It's not a luxury or a fault.

@poujolrost It *is* a luxury to live far from where you work. It’s not necessary because there are /countless/ jobs in affordable areas. When a salary doesn’t justify the local cost of living, you scratch that off the list & move on to the next job opening. Not scratching that off the list is a luxury.

@poujolrost The problem is that you have the option to make that choice to drive a car 50km daily. The option shouldn’t even be on the table. It should be too costly to do a 25km car commute so that your job search & dwelling search are narrowed to something environmentally responsible. If the income is incompatible w/the rent+commuting costs, you scratch that option off & keep searching.

@poujolrost Also consider your commute pre-car days. A horse can do ~65km/day max, and be rested up enough to do that again the next day. But horse & buggy moves at 3-4 mph. So 8+ hours/day of your time would be doing your commute. You probably could not sustain that schedule working fulltime. So the car brought you an extra option you were able to live w/out. It’s therefore a luxury.


Bike lanes are really cute... if the city is flat.

Otherwise they're just uselessly annoying, as is blocking streets for (very few) bicycles only, thus increasing traffic elsewhere.

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