Hi guys, I've had a follow request with you for two months… You may want to disable verification so people can follow your great app!

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congrats to the company that tried to trademark the address of the EU IP office (who is in charge of processing trademarks)

you tried

Having two Thunderbird profiles (work and off-time) is great. Before I saw work emails and thought about them every day. I can finally rest!
Thunderbird プロフィール 2つが作った。仕事と休み。すごいです。作る前に、毎日仕事をメール見たから、仕事を思った。ようやく休めます!

I made this site for anime theme quizes. Any thoughts?
あのね、このアニメテーマ クイズ サイトを作った。どう思う?

I switched to openSUSE from Arch on my laptop.
I was inspired by snapper (the best tool ever) and "inspired" by a Docker update disabling me from starting containers, even after downgrading back. It killed my day of work.
So far I really like it, stuff I install just works and does not break.

apology for poor searching

when were you when computer crashes?

i was sat at home writing report when mail client ring

'bug is duplicate'



Today's lapsed under the sign of LU decomposition.
What's real? What's not? My brain's decomposed.
And no work done.






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