Dear Fediverse, say I wanted to change my career path. I'm an academic teacher but as you probably know I dabble in Linux system administration (mostly Debian/Ubuntu). I'm sure I still have a lot to learn (e.g. automations, CI, backups) but I can already do quite a lot. I've been using Linux exclusively for the last 10+ years. I have experience with running several websites. I even played with Photoshop/GIMP (a long time ago). In other words: I'm the IT guy in my family (and beyond).

Would you recommend any places where I can look for a suitable job? Any general tips? I'm looking for either something remote or in the Lublin area (PL). Btw, I like my current place so I'd rather not relocate. Boosts welcome 🔁
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@michal I'm working as a remote contractor in the UK, so while it may not be wholly relevant I'll give you my perspective :)
It's hard now to get into pure Linux Administration, but there is a lot of posts for Cloud Engineers and DevOps Engineers. I'd say the easiest path would be to get the free tier account on AWS and obtain a couple of AWS certs. The market is so undersaturated I'd say that you could get a well-paid contract in half a year or so of learning and applying.

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