@JRLarsen My GF tells me that in GMail you now can move images around the email like in Word. Likewise, it usually ends up screwing all the layout!

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@michal I'm working as a remote contractor in the UK, so while it may not be wholly relevant I'll give you my perspective :)
It's hard now to get into pure Linux Administration, but there is a lot of posts for Cloud Engineers and DevOps Engineers. I'd say the easiest path would be to get the free tier account on AWS and obtain a couple of AWS certs. The market is so undersaturated I'd say that you could get a well-paid contract in half a year or so of learning and applying.

@Noided @xue What do you want from Hręts? He's a nice guy

@xue Też się trzymaj
Knaga nas chociaż wypuściła z domu. Na śnieg xD

@xue Szwecja początkiem, Stany końcem
Moim ulubionym plakatem z protestów jest
To be America's bitch

@xue Ech, mnóstwo rzeczy padło niepotrzebnie
W Krk będę na święta najprędzej, także dam znać

@xue W jego życiu to pewna jest śmierć oraz sztum jak na razie, ech

@xue W weekendzik? Gdzie bywasz? Jeden obrazek to raczej w chuju będą mieć, najwyżej każą skasować

@xue Maybe neocities? They have a nice fair use policy at the bottom of this page: neocities.org/terms

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@rin If I was still on Windows I would actually use it, lmao

How is Pipewire working for you guys? I switched to macOS for my daily job due to the nightmare which is PulseAudio and one-to-many embarrassment due to audio not working during a meeting...

@eulanov おはようございます!ここは、「おやすみ」だけど 😁

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