Same energy as "It's you're, not your!! Get it right and I'll take your point seriously"

Tempted to start using Discord and other apps in light mode when I take screenshots

Just to spite people who feel the need to point out "hur dur light mode i'm blind"

"So why do you get frowny every time a music game has combo-based scoring?"
Because with it, some misses* are more miss than others**.

* the middle of the song
** the beginning or end of the song

you footh! i've been trained in your jedi arts by duke nukem

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Everyone else having some sort of talent or skill makes me feel like I, an average person, shouldn't be here in this decentralized Cool Kids Club.

Can we please normalize the idea that it's okay to be a Mastodon user without any sort of outstanding creative or coding talent?

"trap", enby ignorance (sfw) 


"Why don't you post more about games you like?"

I would, if my mutuals here actually cared about said games. As far as they're concerned, my ramblings about Arcaea and MHGU would be basically spam.

I'm still upset that knzk dot me kinda just shut down while I wasn't looking. I admit it was on me for being AWOL for over a year but not being able to officially migrate and keep my non-toot data is oof

I usually prefer to give it time before changing instances. I don't want to disorient mutuals by changing instances like every week

I might jump instances in a month or so but the problem is that like 99% of instances not in Japan block Pawoo

I get why that's a thing but also Japanese artists are not going to jump instances just to cater to foreign fans

Tonight's tea: "boys vs girls" activities (in schools and TV game shows, for example) should not exist.


okay to be fair I'm not on Signal but that's because they require a phone number and honestly I don't like the idea that I should make a Google Voice number if I don't want to use my main one

How is it possible that so many people advocate using E2E chat apps yet NOBODY USES THEM

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