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4 days until premieres-- and I couldn't have made it this far without the support of my patrons.

I'm already working on the 2nd volume in the series as well as the first volume of a different series called . I've also got two podcasts and all manner of other things afoot.

Again, all this is made possible by my readers and listeners like you, at

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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Reminder to anyone who supports the NYT staff's labor action: unless a miracle happens and we get a contract deal by midnight, we will be walking out for one day tomorrow, Dec. 8.

We'll be asking supportive readers to abstain from visiting/using NYT offerings for the day, midnight to midnight. That means articles. That means multimedia. That means... Wordle.

I know. That one pains me too. But maybe the word will be like LYMPH and we'll all be lucky to miss it.

oh, since I mentioned it earlier, my goal for Path of the Straw-Thief is-- as I did with Confluence-- to make it at least a little longer than its preceding novel. The story itself will likely be about as long, but the other material in the book will be longer: more art, another historical essay, and so on.

So, on this, 7 December 2022, I can say:

Wordcount on Path of the Straw-Thief: 10,000/65,000 written

At the front of the reading room
the tweed-clad academic
assures the librarian
that he is willing
to wear cotton gloves
in order to protect the material
he will be handling
but his uncovered face
and repeated coughs
shows he is unwilling to do much
to protect the librarian.

Today on Okazu - line, by Yua Kotegawa

A mystery manga from 2006 about suicide and circumstances that can bring people together.

Major progress today in Path of the Straw-Thief, the sequel to Confluence, and I've hit the 10k mark.

Still a year out, but little by little, I'm going to get there!

"Girls are doing all the fellows' jobs now!" An anti-suffrage cartoon from 1918, USA.

Since I just migrated my account here, I'll be reposting a few posts, so that they remain available. Hi, everyone!

51 - 49.
Many judges will get confirmed.

Mitch McConnell will never be majority leader again.


I've been hearing from some, readers and those who have read a bit *about* my book, that cyberpunk is the last thing they'd have associated with Japan's Tohoku region.

And that note of surprise is EXACTLY why I wrote this book and set an entire series in motion set there.

You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Oh, cool! Just discovered that @IHeartSapphFic is now on Mastodon too!

Make sure you follow them and subscribe to their newsletter here:

They will keep you up to date on new sapphic releases, book sales, and other fun news.

#SapphicBooks #SapphicMigration #SapphicRomance @sapphicbooks @lgbtqbookstodon #LGBTBooks #LGBTQBooks #LesbianBooks #wlw @lesfic

What's becoming more apparent to me is that some people (but not most) see the potential of the Fediverse, want to explore further possibilities, and know full well that Mastodon is the tip of the iceberg.

These people are few but significant.

Do you know how serious you have to be about white nationalism to be called a "White Nationalist" by the Washington Post? This is not a drill. Uber is going to hate this.

For those wondering how the bird site is doing -- I went back to check up on someone, and I found comments repeatedly failed to load.

It's slowly breaking down. Turns out SRE's are important and it's a bad thing when they all quit.

If I want to be a #SwordLesbian, I will. If I want long glittery nails, I will. If I want them short, I will. If I want to be a tomboy, I will, if I want to be #femme, I will. If I want to be a hacker or an activist or passing or clocky or #queer AF or stealth or valley girl or punk or delicate or emo, or if I want to invoke the goddess #Inanna and reinvent myself as a glorious #trans priestess, I fucking will, and every one of them will be me.

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