It might be my phone, but I’m having a little difficulty moving back and forth through the text I’m composing, when the Toot/Post includes a photo. … Yeah, once I insert the photo, it’s tricky/impossible to get back to the text

Looks like the official app now accepts uploads. Previously the format was a problem.

Starting to be that time when the takes over my life, whether I want it to or not.

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As etc. increase their presence on , the toxicity, , will increase.

Would seem like to accelerate, perhaps gradually, , ,

Begin to look for official accounts from governmental entities, corporations, institutions.


Japan shock Spain in controversial style to send Germany tumbling out - Not content with one jaw-dropping shock, Japan managed a second in feverish conditions here to beat a multi-talented Spanish side and claim another place for Asia in the last 16 of this increasingly unpredictable World Cup. Two goals in quick succession after half-time from Ritsu Doan and Ao Tanaka shocked Spain... #theguardian

Just heard my first “Feliz Navidad” of the Christmas season. I love it. 🎄 ♥️

But now, having heard this once, we’re done with all carols, okay? 😭

I’ll repeat that joining a new, rapidly growing social network is a lot of fun, regardless of the reasons behind it. Learning the new culture, the different technical features, finding old friends, making new ones…
Especially those “aha” moments when you suddenly understand how something works, which had earlier puzzled you. 👍🏻

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Die Hard is not a Christmas movie
It’s the BEST Christmas movie
Case closed

Easing China’s exceptionally stringent Covid measures could help assuage public anger. But it is unclear how far the party would be willing to go or if any such shift is being led by Xi Jinping, China’s leader, who has been the chief enforcer of the country’s “zero Covid” policy. Xi has staked the party’s legitimacy on controlling the virus better than other countries, especially its ... rivals in the West, and any reversal .. of the policy could undercut his authority.

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