>says good night
>continues posting
welcome to my life

Another #Google+ API bug has been reported and Google will now shut down G+ in April. All APIs will die in the next 90 days.


algorithms & data structures I introduced me to a lot of interesting things
but it also made me hate a lot of things
i cant decide what to make for lunch so im just sitting here being hungry

Tried to do a quick summary on what I see on Instagram (not on the contents, actually, but on what I think on it).

...when you spend a significant, but not completely unreasonable amount of money on some fine clothing, and then subsequently get depressed over having spent the money - instead of being happy to have found nice things...

Just disabled automatic updates for Half-Life. That's what you call "optimistic".

Anyone knows a clean way to sync a VM virtual drive between two computers? The file seems to be a lot larger than an average syncing program can handle.

why am I turning this timeline into a bad clone of my old Twitter profile

A friend of mine has just failed while passing their programming work to the teacher just because Windows messed up the encoding of the text files used for testing the programs. Not sure if it's a bad thing he couldn't just SSH into a Linux box to do things just fine or that Windows uses different 8-bit encodings for text files for different locales.

buy a Huawei P20 for over 9000 bucks
realize EMUI is unusable
flash it
get stuck in a bootloop

sign up for a Last.fm account just to delete it in 4 days, pure genius

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