why does half of the tech guys on fedi try to replace RSS for me

Anyone here has a success story on dockerizing or while using the sshd of your host machine? :git:

One knows a motion picture is bad if one mainly thinks of the making of the MP instead of actually watching and enjoying the MP.

zsh + tmux, or The Story of Suffering with PowerShell Instead of an Interactive Shell

beets.io, or I Will Make Destructive Operations to Your Files Without Warning You First

it just feels like the tradeoff for the speed is too big

you have to learn loads of commands with their weird behaviours (though it's still simplier than MMX), some of those will not work with earlier CPUs, and they are prone to producing weird results even at simple calculations

you know what, after looking at all of the tons of stuff included with SSE/SSE2/etc I understand why software-implemented floating point numbers calculations are a thing

anyone knows a Sync addon for Chrome or something?

debugging assembly code is just a mess

For everyone who might have missed that: 0.71 has been released. 🎉 🎉 Includes security fixes, see changelog chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtath

could Microsoft please stop running their A/V software on every update?

Neither of last.fm/libre.fm have the option to make your profile private/hidden. Looks like coding a custom page grabbing the results from gnukebox is the only option left.

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