GitHub: detecting location by IP in 2019. 🤦‍♀️

@sir never did that, most of the things in my life were non-deliberate practice, as in
> oh, this is so cool...
> *some time later*
> wow I suddenly understand it

there are three kinds of people:
· the people who don't do backups
· the people who do backups
· the people who have actually tested their backups are restorable

smh networking in Hyper-V no longer works with DHCP when using the default switch for connectivity, had to switch two VMs to static addresses 🤔 :windows:

f.lux decided I really should be asleep at 5 AM, and refused to change colors back to daytime even when I disabled it

at least this program cares about my health
oh god, really, so it's assumed I cannot format time with specifiers?

Any success with fitting a laptop motherboard into a desktop case and then running that as a desktop, anyone?
every your message can be sent in plaintext to a remote server, but your messages are still being end-to-end encrypted and we never read them, please trust u... stop being so paranoid, we do it for safety reas... please stop removing our apps!

if only I could disable VSCode Python language server like I do that with Go

yet another life lesson: check that you've selected the right partition in diskpart before running format 😔

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