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So my ISP not only stores passwords in plaintext, they also send them via SMS. Looks like changing password now will accomplish nothing since the new one is also going to be exposed to my carrier. 🤦 That's not how is supposed to work, right?

all it takes to turn an empty file into an award-winning project is the madman creating that file

"do one job and do it well" is clearly not the principle I follow when doing university classes 😄 like my simple Petri net tester has just grown into a full-blown net emulator, I now wonder if it's time to make a library of it since it does things anyway

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@rtwx @sir @djsumdog silence is honestly the fucking worst, I'd much rather just take a suspend. then it's clear to everyone what is going on.
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...when you write a reply to a post an then see it ends with "no replies please".

On Google+ you could disable comments when creating a post. Ownership of the things that appear on your own "site" is a pretty important concept.

I think G+ was really more of a blog system instead of a Twitter-ish "microblog".

getting tired of doze suspending apps in a few seconds after I switch to anything else 😔

and for whatever reason I haven't closed my Instagram account yet 🤷

amusingly, G+ was originally to replace Instagram on my social network list, and it's now going to be closed, so I now have to lurk for something else 😔

wait, do I only use 13 emojis of the ~2.8k available?

Okay, no longer implements font scaling in nightly builds.

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As per MS employee on HN, if you want to disable #Windows telemetry, you're "conspiracy minded". Nice.

does its absolute best at making viewing the drawings a huge PITA for those with small laptops. Can't scale the drawing since no NumPad present on the keyboard, can't even scroll through without moving the cursor to the edge of the screen and then slooowly scrolling with the direction keys.😐

Sadly, I've now got to close my G+ account since G+ itself is getting closed by Google. 😢

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It's ironic that iOS screentime app sends you push notifications to tell you how much time you spend on the screen. 🤦‍♂️

It's amazing when you do work appreciated by others. 😔

Conversations 2.3.1 introduces consistent color generation for nicknames. 😊