reheating a I forgot about a while ago with a microwave

as in loads of buttons to click in the administration tool

SoftEther, or Setting Up Your VPN Like It Was an MCSE Exam

DELL stands for Deliberately Easy-to-disassemble and Lovely Laptops. ❤

While OMEMO with HTTP Upload allows you to send any files by just encrypting them with AES-GCM, uploading them to the designated HTTP server and then just sending a link with the key in a message (no extra work needed, everything is done seamlessly), these guys are stuck implementing SI instead:
That's what happens when you pick an ancient technology instead of the one that works.

*opens a tab on laptop to reopen it later on PC with Chrome history*
*forgets to open history after getting to the PC*

some sort of a syncing app is a must, but I have none except for notes with reminders, anyone knows any?

tfw no official openvpn repo for bionic yet

Don't smile when you look at the camera, it's very disrespectful, photography is a serious work

South Park is the best anime
change my mind

the more recent the build of your Windows machine is, the less MS programs you can uninstall
tell me, Microsoft, when the heck am I going to need Paint 3D or a video editor preinstalled

Git on Windows could at least detect the Gpg4win installation present in the system, you know, and not make me change the path to the gpg binary by hand

What's it like being on Fedi?
I'm glad you asked.
Everone just wants to sleep.
Sleeping well doesn't stop me from being sleepy.
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