Timur Demin さんはインスタンス mstdn.jp のユーザーです。アカウントさえ持っていればフォローしたり会話したりできます。 もしお持ちでないなら こちら からサインアップできます。
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here's a best practice for you:

don't pop garbage over the article text i'm trying to read on your website in the name of 'engagement'

i end up engaging with the close button

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Have you tried plain text?

It’s an awesome new format that’s fast and future proof with excellent backward compatibly

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looks like I'm writing a custom theme after all

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“Just because your site isn't for emerging markets, doesn't excuse you from web performance optimisation”

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lets all go back to simply blogging and I will install a feedreader again and I will get your stuff in chronological order and independent from platforms.
#instagram #instagramdesaster

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I decided to write a little something about why I think #Password Managers are important.


My new site is now live at tdem.in! Feels much better than the old one. 😊

*scrolling the Mastodon timeline*
wtf is going on

feels like a little bit better than does. Tusky also makes more use of animations than Twidere. Looks like it's not a coincidence.

Looks like I'm abandoning on my account. I've migrated back to since it introduced the limit. And yes, there are better clients than Mastodon now has. is not as good as Mastodon's web client, but in general it's OK.

Maybe I'll be back at some point.

I could use almost everywhere if people didn't disable their mobile data all the time. If used correctly, it would eat no more than a megabyte or about that, why do they do this?

still using voice calls while having a good data plan 🤦

is already testing for a month. What's taking them so long? 🤔

Just posted a link dated a year ago blaming for problems that had already been resolved. 🤦

From the merged changes section. Yes, they've merged a WIP commit.😁😁

People say you should change your at least once a month. Well, I just did. The old good wallpaper from remained with me for a year and a half.😌

The new emoji pack is awful.😕 Enough said.