I love it when my ISP intercepts incoming unencrypted HTTP, sending me their own "interesting" ad/informational pages instead. and are not even of any help here. 😐

@tdemin What ISP is that?
Are you sure it's not some "Internet shield/antivirus/etc" thing they automatically added to your subscription, and which you can ask them to disable?

@Wolf480pl ER-Telecom (commonly aliased as ""). And yes, I'm pretty sure I've disabled all of the "protection" features that were enabled by default (of course that was the first thing I did after signing up for their service. Was quite surprised after seeing SMTP being blocked by default).

That sucks :/

OTOH, it's a fun reminder that you're supposed to use HTTPS... if only all websites supported it...

I'd seriously have a hard time deciding whether to set up sth like a VPN or proxy through ssh -D, or just live with it and be constantly reminded that I'm not supposed to use HTTP....

Regarding the VPN/proxy solution, it's good to have a VPS/dedi. I can only imagine how much it sucks to not have one and have to look through all those shady 3rd party VPN services.

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