Jonathan Blow's talk from yesterday that sums up a lot of my frustrations with programming
i like low level stuff to a fair degree but the same cannot be said about most of my friends who attend CompSci at the most prestigious uni in the country and have problems dealing with TypeScript
@tdemin i'm just salty cause they're using onload and onclick instead of addEventListener and generally complaining all the time

@314 when did you start the blog by the way, your site was a one-page summary, like, two weeks ago?

@tdemin about then; I went home for about a week (a bunch of consecutive holidays in Poland in the first week of May) and during that time my trolley of thought (which has previously led me to rent a lot of VPSes to try and build a georedundant content delivery and DNS network for the sake of a bunch of small static websites) has rolled over onto another path, one where I don't host everything myself. so I started paying for Neocities, slapped most of my actively managed websites on there, and I've redone my website as a Hugo blog in process
@tdemin the blog posts that are currently there come from my earlier blogs

@314 that's how a programmer spends a vacation😊

@tdemin actually it didn't take that long, most of the vacation was spent watching my parents silently freak out about and try to cope with my grandma's recently discovered lung cancer
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