@fat0troll because I need VirtualBox on my machine and the performance drawback of running Hyper-V is too high

@tdemin just ICYMI: boot2docker is deprecated and now it’s adviced to move to Docker for Windows. No wonder there are strange bugs laying around.

@fat0troll I'm sure there are people who still need Docker, are on Windows, and cannot use Hyper-V for a reason, and I don't really think the population of such people is dwindling fast enough to forget about Docker Toolbox/boot2docker completely.

@tdemin there is only one practical reason not to use Hyper-V on Windows and this is called Home Edition.

There is still possibility to run boot2docker but actually it’s questionable. You can still run your production as you like but IMHO this is your own headache now :)

@fat0troll there are two and the second one is called existing VirtualBox machines

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