@314 every time I tried to use a feedback form I was like "wow this thing actually works" so that's not as unreasonable as you might think

@314 @shadowfacts oh noes, I'd really prefer you to stay on my timelines :(

@Ste1lar can't your browser just import those by itself?

@314 well, I don't think I have seen you posting links to your blog posts on fedi 🤔 maybe that's why

@314 why have a comments system when you can get all of the comments on fedi

@foxhkron @tA well, you definitely have to be a nerd to properly set up Windows 10

@mono it actually got a lot better after MAM and stuff were introduced (MAM is precisely the thing that is supposed to save your messages from being trashed), yet some people just won't update their servers 😔 you just happened to use one of those I guess

@mono it's probably the best we have, so 🤷

@sir never did that, most of the things in my life were non-deliberate practice, as in
> oh, this is so cool...
> *some time later*
> wow I suddenly understand it

@leip4Ier @wizard and you're not completely sure which one of them takes precedence 😕

@wizard I managed to open Chrome settings inside Vivaldi (Vivaldi normally handles opening vivaldi:// URIs and opens their own settings page, but you can still access those by opening spell checker settings — right click inside a text field, "Spell check" -> "Language settings")

This will get you to Chrome settings, the URI it opens is not handled by Vivaldi for some reason.

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