@KrzysiekJ they're suggesting to send docs indicating I am taking classes off-campus (not true for me). My ISP only provides me with IPs that are detected as originating from another city. What am I supposed to do in this case?

@314 > Add a few additional types
read as "add a few additional typos"

GitHub: detecting location by IP in 2019. 🤦‍♀️

@314 you don't have to include the last part to make the quote hilarious

@Wolf480pl Postfix/Dovecot are lacking from this picture

@sirmacik @Wolf480pl icinga and grafana (the picture is captioned so you can look at the description by hovering at it)

@314 every time I tried to use a feedback form I was like "wow this thing actually works" so that's not as unreasonable as you might think

@314 @shadowfacts oh noes, I'd really prefer you to stay on my timelines :(

@Ste1lar can't your browser just import those by itself?

@314 well, I don't think I have seen you posting links to your blog posts on fedi 🤔 maybe that's why

@314 why have a comments system when you can get all of the comments on fedi

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