>says good night
>continues posting
welcome to my life

Another #Google+ API bug has been reported and Google will now shut down G+ in April. All APIs will die in the next 90 days.


@Wolf480pl wasn't really thinking of Apple at the moment of posting. I mean, using a VPN is hardly a big thing about privacy and is definitely not enough by itself.

@cassidyjames you can have multiple accounts with the same phone number

algorithms & data structures I introduced me to a lot of interesting things
but it also made me hate a lot of things
i cant decide what to make for lunch so im just sitting here being hungry

Tried to do a quick summary on what I see on Instagram (not on the contents, actually, but on what I think on it).

...when you spend a significant, but not completely unreasonable amount of money on some fine clothing, and then subsequently get depressed over having spent the money - instead of being happy to have found nice things...

Just disabled automatic updates for Half-Life. That's what you call "optimistic".

Anyone knows a clean way to sync a VM virtual drive between two computers? The file seems to be a lot larger than an average syncing program can handle.

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