@314 that's how a programmer spends a vacation😊

@314 when did you start the blog by the way, your site was a one-page summary, like, two weeks ago?

@lanodan well... a person has to become familiar with the general `makepkg -si` thing before starting using AUR packages, you know.

@Wolf480pl s/IRC/Telegram\ and\ XMPP\ and\ IRC/
both are battle-tested on a poor GPRS connection

@314 I mean, we're treated like total dummies

@314 yeah, it's just that you see profs toying with HDDs and we're told that we have to be able to install alternate operating systems on OSes (wow, that was totally unexpected from a CS student)

@314 we had x86 assembly on the so-called Machines and Peripherals

@ParadeGrotesque what's $CORP? Sorry, it just sounds like I'm missing something.

@8 quesdon.rinsuki.net, but you'll have to self-host it (the main instance has been shut down) — github.com/rinsuki/quesdon

@louisoft01 and remember to update the copyright as well, it says louisoft01.com

@lanodan like you need/want one, provided you're on a custom ROM

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