@fat0troll ConEmu stores it in the file, while Cmder uses the registry (ConEmu can actually be tweaked to use the registry, but I still have to export the config smh)

ConEmu, default config, Far Manager loads directories in two seconds each on every cd invocation. Cmder, essentially ConEmu with a custom config, Far works almost as fast as it does in its own console. WTF?

@Wolf480pl GUI app with wxWidgets, building one with Cygwin... I can't say that defeats the point, but it sounds awkward.

@Wolf480pl Windows here. Well, possibly going to wrap the two OS-specific calls anyway.

@Wolf480pl isn't that only supposed to work with POSIX-compatible OSes?

*wants to delete a single file*
*only finds GCC 7*
*has to compile Boost for boost::filesystem*
The horrific story of Timur learning how to C++.

Twice comeback in April.... It's too far away :blob_dizzy_face:

true story, you can at least hide those on Windows, but some software still thinks Documents is the perfect place to store configs 😔

> Information is transmitted via sighs

I ❤ typos sometimes

If only there was a universal content status tracker. Something like AniList/MAL, but for anything (films, books, etc). I almost tried to create one myself, using MS Access with no luck (or no perseverance, who knows).

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