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@fdgonthier @sir the SNS would only consist of memeposting and links then

@fribbledom thanks for saying, I will never make a single typo in my commit messages ever again.

can youtube please stop teasing me with their premium offers, the ads are already enough

@zacanger */r/unixporn blessing*
PS: wow, do you have a bandcamp or something? pick anything but the official instance (they have statuses disabled), there's no much difference otherwise

@zacanger 3K minified wrapper? that's, like, heavier than Redux

@ayo tfw starting a React project with CRA downloads 1200 packages or about that

@alejandro looking at the last sentence, this rant is nothing different.

@djmoch GNU-style command line options or send me straight to hell

@micahflee well, I stopped reading at "manages your DNS records for you". If I'm supposed to change the DNS settings with the mobile phone app (seriously?), I'm unlikely to start using that in the first place.

#MonalIM 3.6 brings
• new Chat UI
• OMEMO encrypted inline attachements
• read markers
and more
#monal #xmpp #jabber #omemo
like, seriously? is installing electron supposed to be faster and easier than just opening the docs in the browser?

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