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C now also feels a lot more simple and thought through well than C++

tfw you have to connect to your home Linux machine right at the programming lesson just because the program doesn't work because of Windows encoding problems 😐

it'd be really interesting if all the programming-related works in the universities had to pass a mandatory CI test including linting and code style checks, I'd love to look at the percentage of those who passed those from the first try 🤔

close one tab: ctrl + w
close all tabs on all windows without question and without a way to restore them: ctrl + q

thank, firefox

OK, great, can't register as the default photo viewer on my Windows machine whilst it would work just fine with LibreOffice Draw and Krita, WTH?

I hate paperwork. That’s why I love Paperwork!
Until very recently, my handling of paperwork was rather poorly. I keep all my letters and invoices in a big binder. Unfortunately at some point that binder got unsorted and I lost all motivation to sort new letters into it, so I started to insert fresh letters randomly. Eventually I lost even more motivation and…[...]
€5 just to link a phone number to your JID just so the users of the app can quickly add you 😔

this means I literally have to keep Google Calendar constantly open and pinned just for accessing the task list on my Windows laptop; I wonder if I can do anything about that 🤔

so, like, the only fully functional desktop client for Google Tasks (except for, ofc, ) is Evolution and Tasks 😶 I'm not even sure if "impressive" is the right word here

if I had $1 every time I had my schedule messed due to me being exhausted, I'd be the richest person in the world now

4:50 PM: great, finally back home, let's have a quick nap
2 AM the next day: fuck

This is a big night, I'm drinking coffee like I've got nu-uts...

another update with an empty changelog, daily builds don't really seem to achieve anything 🤔

tfw the teacher actually allows you to do GUI programming-related works with Qt instead of C++/CLR proposed by the instructions 😊

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