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"VSCode Encoding Autodetection, or How We Had to Change the Encoding from CP1252 to UTF-8 in Every Single File"

ten replays of a single song in an hour, not bad

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Lose 6 HP. Gain 2 🔴. Draw 3 Tasks. Exhaust.

be sure to never embrace stress as your main work driver, it sure may boost alertness and concentration in a short period of time, but leads to ultimate exhaustion longterm

may seem obvious, yet it's often overlooked
neat post featured on the XMPP newsletter (smh you can tell its whole contents just by looking at the title)

they say programming is all about complexity management, which doesn't really make sense. let's call it waste management, it suddenly starts to make a lot more sense that way. for instance, JS programmers are really bad at waste management...

TIL: Nextcloud needs more memory to work properly than an RPi has (read: 1G or more).

that's, like, two banners from my ISP MITM-ing my traffic in a row, in a single browser session, less than five minutes from a banner to a banner 😔

want a hard quest? try setting your language switch hotkey to Ctrl + Shift after having updated to Windows 10 build 1809, I promise, you're going to spend at least an hour or two just searching for the option

I sure like being lectured by know it alls when I could literally write a book about how fediverse tech works

Turns out I'm not even fluent in English.

there is an icon for Mastodon in Font Awesome, but how do I properly logo Pleroma then?

you know, one task a day keeps the real goals away

it is kind of funny to see the number of instances which block, an instance which never existed, because it was in the example MRF config block on the Pleroma wiki

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