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so where's that new material theme thing on Tusky? 🤔

Achievement unlocked:
Clockwork Egghead

Defend 4 programming-related works in 2 academic hours or less. 🤓

rebooted my home machine, now I can't make SQL Server work again
Tells a lot about the current state of the Web. 😔 Firefox's adding a new about:compat page with the list of hacks used to make sites work.

Left my laptop charger at the university. I'd have never remembered I could charge my laptop with USB-C otherwise. 😊

ConEmu, default config, Far Manager loads directories in two seconds each on every cd invocation. Cmder, essentially ConEmu with a custom config, Far works almost as fast as it does in its own console. WTF?

*wants to delete a single file*
*only finds GCC 7*
*has to compile Boost for boost::filesystem*
The horrific story of Timur learning how to C++.

Twice comeback in April.... It's too far away :blob_dizzy_face:

true story, you can at least hide those on Windows, but some software still thinks Documents is the perfect place to store configs 😔

> Information is transmitted via sighs

I ❤ typos sometimes

If only there was a universal content status tracker. Something like AniList/MAL, but for anything (films, books, etc). I almost tried to create one myself, using MS Access with no luck (or no perseverance, who knows).

Microsoft made installing their software so time-consuming, the easiest way to use SQL Server on my laptop proved to be connecting to my desktop with Management Studio and doing works on Databases there. No seriously, setup failing just because the redistributables from VS2015 and VS2017 have the same major version number (vcredist140) is just a meme. :neko_tired:

I'm already attending an event in this bar the second time, and I still can't remember they don't offer coffee 😴

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