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captioning memes and fun pics feels just like explaining jokes, the thing that felt fun monents ago becomes meh as soon as you have to caption it

Android stopped lagging for absolutely no reason, wtf

the typical "in the meantime" post before you know what

yarn audit could at least dedupe vulnerabilities before printing a scary number of hundreds of "vulnerable packages", provided all of the vulnerabilities were the same package listed lots of times just because the others were dependent on it

ShareX is like: oh, you don't want me storing settings and stuff in ~/Documents? Fine, I'll create a file in ~/Documents storing the new config path! 🤦‍♀️

oh great, now the blog on has no RSS/Atom, but is instead generated with Gatsby (it's literally a static React PWA generator)

the web is degrading

Two people die every second. `yarn install` takes 45 seconds on my machine. 45 * 2 = 90.

Every time a JS programmer runs `yarn install`, 90 people die. 🤔

plug a pendrive into a uni computer
@ remember to format it before the next use, thanks to the PCs in the uni infected with malware
@ ask friends to disable autoplay on their PCs if you happen to use the pendrive before formatting

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Mastodon日本鯖です. 10/22(火) 10:07頃より高いアクセス負荷が観測されており、サービスの運営に支障が出る状況のため、一部のアクセスを制限しておりましたが、制限を解除いたしました。(11/18更新) 現在、サーバー増強のための作業を実施しております。直近予告なくメンテナンスを数度実施します。