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TL;DR: a user familiar with static site generators writes a complete node script to generate stub posts instead of creating a snippet/custom command in their editor

that's just hilarious, the QA team at Microsoft must either be out every time they release a Windows update or they just release ASAP with no real QA at all. The thing is, when there's news on a bug discovered in anything else but Windows, it at least always has a cause that sounds more or less reasonable

I should seriously consider blocking Medium with uBlock, it's taking so much time telling me nonsense I could wisely spend on fedi

Firefox, or Let's Make Every Character Count by Delaying Typing by 0.05 ms

captioning memes and fun pics feels just like explaining jokes, the thing that felt fun monents ago becomes meh as soon as you have to caption it

Android stopped lagging for absolutely no reason, wtf

the typical "in the meantime" post before you know what

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