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can youtube please stop teasing me with their premium offers, the ads are already enough

#MonalIM 3.6 brings
• new Chat UI
• OMEMO encrypted inline attachements
• read markers
and more
#monal #xmpp #jabber #omemo
like, seriously? is installing electron supposed to be faster and easier than just opening the docs in the browser?
seriously? I have to get a key and start some weird script just to run a self-hosted password manager with Docker?

the free software world in which you have to apologize for a youtube link is surely a world

TL;DR: a user familiar with static site generators writes a complete node script to generate stub posts instead of creating a snippet/custom command in their editor

that's just hilarious, the QA team at Microsoft must either be out every time they release a Windows update or they just release ASAP with no real QA at all. The thing is, when there's news on a bug discovered in anything else but Windows, it at least always has a cause that sounds more or less reasonable

I should seriously consider blocking Medium with uBlock, it's taking so much time telling me nonsense I could wisely spend on fedi

Firefox, or Let's Make Every Character Count by Delaying Typing by 0.05 ms

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Mastodon日本鯖です. 10/22(火) 10:07頃より高いアクセス負荷が観測されており、サービスの運営に支障が出る状況のため、一部のアクセスを制限しておりましたが、制限を解除いたしました。(11/18更新)