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i hate web development but people pay me

I really miss Google+'s collections, where you could only follow a person on a very specific topic so the posts on that topic didn't have to overlap with other stuff you might not like.

absolutely not referring to myself posting music inline with rants

boost this post if you're a spambot!

tip: the more you fuck things up, the more GitHub contributions will be shown on your profile

> SOMI (전소미) - 'BIRTHDAY' M/V - This video contains content from YG Entertainment Inc., who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

and that's precisely how Article 13 is going to work my friends

Today on Timur Discovers AutoHotkey: restore the last window you minimized with Win + Down

@tdemin @314 is it correct English? No. Is it correct Latin? Probably not. Is it a correct mix of English and Latin? Who cares, just hack the language to make it more fun.

Google has silently removed support for reminders in Calendar, merging them with Tasks. :neko_sad:
well, this thing is now live and seems to work just like its precedessors

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Mastodon日本鯖です. 10/22(火) 10:07頃より高いアクセス負荷が観測されており、サービスの運営に支障が出る状況のため、一部のアクセスを制限しておりましたが、制限を解除いたしました。(11/18更新)