Dear Tootdon users,

We decided to end the service of Tootdon for iOS / Android on July 7, 2019, in consideration of the usage situation of the app.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who enjoyed it, but thank you for your understanding.

You can continue to use the mastdon instance currently in use from Tootdon by accessing the website of that instance with Safari or Chrome browser, or using a client application other than Tootdon.

@tootdon Tootdon was run by in-app advertising revenue (Japan only). However, we decided to end it because it is difficult to continue operations with current advertising revenue.

> in consideration of the usage situation of the app

What was the usage situation of @tootdon and why did it lead to ending it?

> end the service

Now I'm really confused, was it a network service or a mobile app?

@strypey @tootdon tootdon provides both the app, in-app toot search via their own server as well as top hashtags via their own server.

@tootdon @tootdon capitalism killed my mastodon client

I have mixed feelings

@tootdon Did you consider other monetization paths? Ads globally with an option to pay to remove them, donations?

@solarkraft Actually @tootdon has scraped all posts with their client without consent which is why some maintainers began patching their instance implementation with a block on those privacy invasive client. Probably they wanted to build a search engine and monetize it

@succfemboi @tootdon
"without consent" - publicly shared posts are public information. I'd like them to be nicely searchable.
If they scraped non-public posts I'd be mad.

@tootdon did get caught, scraping and at one instance using oAuth tokens from one of their users so probably private is well. But I wouldn't expect the 3rd-party app developer to log into my account fully

@tootdon Couldn't you do a once a year subscription fee of $1? This was my mastadon app, sad to see it go :(

@tootdon Thanks for the app. I really loved it. It‘s a pity to see it vanishing.

@tootdon That's a shame, it was an excellent app (although the notifications never worked for me)

@tootdon would it be possible for you to open source the code?

@purserj @tootdon yes please, release it as free software, it was my favorite app, like it a lot, simple, clean, fast!

@druid @tootdon probably people stopping using them once they realised that tootdon was saving all the posts it saw into a database
@druid @Majkatsu @tootdon yeah, it's for search, but still something that you like, kinda don't want I feel like

@tootdon Thanks for the app, it was great to use those several months (or years, IDK) :)

@tootdon please open source the code! it was my favorite app for ages and I have a feeling we could get a group of people to keep it up!

@tootdon such a shame.. it was the best client around.

@tootdon It's a shame. Tootdon wasn't perfect (what is?) but it was pretty good.

@tootdon bummer, you made a good app! But I understand sometimes projects have to end. Thank you for your work.

@tootdon a list for alternative clients : Fedilab, Tusky, Pawoo, subway tooter, Twidere, AndStatus, Cosian

Disappeared from the App Store before this announcement. Only app so far that you could change the background to white & type to black. “Consideration of the usage situation?” WDTM

@tootdon Thank you for Tootdon. You will miss us ! 😢

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