Tootdon has a search server, which indexes the public toots of the federated timeline for searching. You can search the latest toots for 30 days, and those older than 30 days will be automatically deleted from the server. Also, when posting from the application, in the case of public toot, we also update the index of the search server. If you do not want to be indexed, we will exclude that account if you request @tootdon from your account.

@tootdon Hi, I'm the server admin, please do not index any toots from the instance.

@tootdon same. Please do not index any toots from Bikeshed.Party

@tootdon I'm the Mastodon.Observer admin. Please do not index toots from the Mastodon.Observer domain, thanks.

@tootdon Shouldn't this be an option for users of your app? Users should be able to choose whether they want their public toots to be uploaded to your server.

@tootdon I'm admin from Please do not index any toot from


Yes, don't index any of my toots.

@Technowix, ask them to not index toots from Thanks :)

@ordnung habt ihr das gesehen? Ich wäre persönlich eigentlich dagegen, dass hier alles indexiert wird und viele andere Admins haben sich wohl auch schon beschwert... (die Toot-Suche, wie sie aktuell in Mastodon implementiert ist, finde ich ok, aber das...)

@Nervengift danke für den Hinweis, ich hab da auch mal darauf hingewiesen, dass unsere ganze Instanz da nicht indexiert werden soll. //cc @rixx

@ordnung @rixx die ES-basierte Toot-Suche (Favs/RTs/eigene Toots) läuft bei uns auch nicht, oder? (die fände ich tatsächlich praktisch)

@Nervengift @rixx aktuell weil wir beschlossen haben, dass wir das nicht möchten.

@Nervengift danke für den Hinweis. Ich hab da auch mal auf den toot geantwortet mit der bitte unsere Instanz nicht zu indexieren. //cc @rixx

Hi @tootdon I'm one of the server admins of, please do not index any toots from our instance.

@tootdon I'm admin. Please do not index any toots from instance.

@tootdon Please do not index any of my toots or those of Thanks.

@tootdon is this the standard #elasticsearch functionnality introduced by the #mastodon project? Or something you developped specifically?

@tootdon There is a opt-out option within the mastodon settings which should be used for reliability.

I don't see why admin suddenly take this for their whole instance .-. Just put a no index tag somewhere and tootdon should check back if profile pages allow indexing or have a noindex tag on their profile and the robots.txt of the instance.

It's nothing new that there are search indexes. And people who don't put the opt-out in place explicitly allow search engines to index their postings.

@tootdon Question: do you detect the “Opt-out of search engine indexing” setting in user account?

@tootdon wouldn’t it be more respectful of your users’ data to opt-in instead of opt-out

@tootdon I mean your privacy policy probably already covers this but a lot of your users don’t understand Japanese, which isn’t necessarily your problem - but I’d take an overall safer approach than just collecting toot data until a user says not to

@tootdon Thanks for the transparency and willingness to accommodate people! I wish all companies were this responsive.

Please do not index my data. I left Facebook and Twitter because of the privacy issues they have.

@tootdon "Opt-out of search engine indexing"

Can you see that configuration option for others? Does it do anything?

@tootdon please exclude everyone from server, thanks.

@tootdon i do not want this account and any of its toots indexed.

@tootdon Hi, I'm from Argentina.
I think the Android app lacks of a feature that will do it very more usable and comfortable.

To post a photo, you need first take it with the camera app and then upload it from the gallery.

I think that Tootdon needs an option in multimedia that enables the camera to let you take the photo and upload it right away.

With that, Tootdon will be the best client for Mastodon, IMHO.

Anyway, great work guys, I really enjoy the app. It's super fun.

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