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Getting a few private inquiries about NSFW content rules on mastodon.social, so gonna answer publicly: It's fine as long as you mark it as sensitive (eye icon)

Full rules see here: mastodon.social/about/more

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New version = new bugs. Also fundraiser = more attention = more users = more bugs.

Here's a guide for bug reporting: docs.krita.org/en/untranslatab

Reporting bugs on mastodon.art is suboptimal; "hey, anyone else have this issue" is fine, of course, but don't expect a solution from us if you don't also report the issue elsewhere (as in the guide). The Mastodon wrangler isn't a developer.

@krita Krita already has actions for flip/mirror image and layer, but not for selection.

@krita My idea was to try to expose an Action for something specific of the Transform tool, in that case I wanted to trigger the flip layer/selection.

Yesterday I was trying to do something with the @krita scripting for the first time and I got stuck.
I was trying to access the Transform tool but I didn't found anything related.

Today I'm open-sourcing a tool that I forgot to open-source since last year 😓

It's a simple presentation tool similar to prezi made with @godotengine
I created this in Godot 2 for a workshop and now I'm shipping an updated version (Godot 3.1).


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:krita: @Krita is a professional FREE & open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable #art tools for everyone. :bowie_stardust:

:krita: @Krita is kicking off their 2018 Fundrasising campaign - Let's Squash The bugs!
$uppport here: krita.org/en/fundraising-2018-

How to follow them on the :fediverse: #Fediverse:
:mastodon: @Krita :krita:
:peertube: @kritafoundation

🎥 🍿 🎨 Watch their :krita: 2018 fundraiser video:

I'm working on an article on gamedesign/gamedev but thinking about it in English is a bit difficult :neko_tired:

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Damn the new GMail design is really bad, isn't it.

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I'm looking for Knives Out players, PC Asia server.
ID: Tomoe

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I'm pretty fond of this #pixelart rendering by @tumeo of my lame attempt at sharing Instagram-unworthy holiday pictures on birdsite :P

You can play it on tripleindie.itch.io/insta-ques #LOWREZJAM

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@Gargron Understandable, but bunny pics seem to be a bit underrepresented 😉

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