I'm moving to @tumeo because mstdn.jp is stuck in the v2.5.2

Tbh I don't know what happened, my entire TL just vanished.

I think I accidentally cleaned my TL :neko_cry:

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I'm not much of a mobile gamer, but I'm totally addicted to TowerJumper.

It's the perfect game to kill a few minutes here and there. :)

I'm implementing a custom importer for Yarn in Godot Engine.

I'm glad that Yarn is very similar to Twine, but it's better because it has native json support.

It's also better to be used as an external visual tool since it's not meant to export an actual "game", like the "Twine story formats".

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I'm now using Discline (Discord terminal client) at work because all electron apps are almost blowing up my pc :chrome: 💥

【LINE 新着スタンプ】
MSペイントのウサギ(Paint Bunnies)🐰

@5deouros のかわいいイラスト 。


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Getting a few private inquiries about NSFW content rules on mastodon.social, so gonna answer publicly: It's fine as long as you mark it as sensitive (eye icon)

Full rules see here: mastodon.social/about/more

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New version = new bugs. Also fundraiser = more attention = more users = more bugs.

Here's a guide for bug reporting: docs.krita.org/en/untranslatab

Reporting bugs on mastodon.art is suboptimal; "hey, anyone else have this issue" is fine, of course, but don't expect a solution from us if you don't also report the issue elsewhere (as in the guide). The Mastodon wrangler isn't a developer.

@krita Krita already has actions for flip/mirror image and layer, but not for selection.

@krita My idea was to try to expose an Action for something specific of the Transform tool, in that case I wanted to trigger the flip layer/selection.

Yesterday I was trying to do something with the @krita scripting for the first time and I got stuck.
I was trying to access the Transform tool but I didn't found anything related.

Today I'm open-sourcing a tool that I forgot to open-source since last year 😓

It's a simple presentation tool similar to prezi made with @godotengine
I created this in Godot 2 for a workshop and now I'm shipping an updated version (Godot 3.1).


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